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3 Peoms by Lizard


they say a seraph has a certain flavor
one that brokers and fixers savor
and if you can bag me a seraph raw
i’ll release you from my jaw
a frame spent yearning is easier to bag
red dripping poured over a blackbrick flame
till rust marbles the bars
slam the door of the frozen locker
seasoned with cigars
the chains she scrawls on copper walls
slackened loose at the
ribeye wade in paint & marinade
prime in juice
sirloin muse in scar shorn rag
and meat-killed dreaming is easier to cook
i’ll release you from my jaw
my cold and bloodless toothless gnaw
my dry and pallid icy skin
flits in cycle set 2 spin
want me raw? want me raw?
hacked 2 pieces with a saw?
hacked 2 bits, cooked with frost
and hanging off a rusted hook


green snaps

a cord of raffia wire wraps
round and round the thighs
bisects the palm, blinds the eyes
fresh sprig, green snaps and sprouts
in my head
all in a bundle on the bed
i did only what i wanted
i did everything you said
sheaves of spindles, open frills
slick with viscous silver spills
tender gleanings, chopped and threshed:
aint it best to snap them fresh?
but i’m an acrid waste
lime and bitter to the taste
packed in flour, roughed & wrestled
crack a powder with a pestle
& just beat & beat & beat
& bitter bitter bitter
and sour
sour like a rotten fruit
and bitter at the root



so im in this bus
in a fuzzy blue seat
rolling over rain-glazed ruts
with white columns at my feet
with white columns loud and busy spanning morning’s muddy crawl
and the smell of custard creme
that woke me from my dream
bears my sickly dizzy body down the yellow granite hall
vvv vvv vvv
was it february
when i kissed a berry
and my lips were singing two more years
i was so
blulights when the days out
some can make u smile
& make u dance
in ur skurt, shed ur pants
vvv vvv vvv
in the blulights glow
u can venture, u can go
in that same bus from the morning
in the evening’s muck & snow
I can host, u can travel
heels crackling over gravel
and leave the key with me
i was so
rrr rrr rrr
they saw it in my sweet eyes
& it was
i i iiii
it was fine
to the tongue like sandy brine
with a hint of cherry wine
& the fault was only mine
and making my way back i just
felt blu streetlights burn my skin
felt my head awash in brack my
stinging eyes in blazing pins
and i just
i think im done thinking abt it yea i think im im just over it
yeah i think i think – i think im kinda
yea im not thinking about it i
i mean i
dont wanna think abt that stuff i think im probably overthinking it
i just figured u should know a bit
yeah i dont need to think
i need a bf & a drink
and i think im overthinking it
n yea i think im over it