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Angelholic by Yuya Sakurai

Angel-holic our killing MODE PARA:SITE attack resuming UROBOROS-like reptilian wreckage sodomy: puppet KARAKURI hallucinating fuckin’ Chinese 2020 ant wolf slaughter meme planet sperms deja-vu in Golden Street The hustle and bustle is infectious!? Misogynistic homeostasis REIGNITON the shagging cripple’s mg

GHOST IN THE SHELL 2049, Evangelion’s Kabukicho junkie “God does not exist yet,” “God will be born soon,” “the dead will be resurrected” Nihil Unbound, the ethics of extinction is OUTPUT to the angelic device in the style of protocol::0 extinction… Uber Eats: The ADAM Project.

The automata blockchain that abolishes our sorrows in the Hangul coating of Korean-town is a posthuman complementary project to our errors, our extinctions, our blue skies!

Tyranny and lawlessness in the #GagaGaga sky, the Bao-Dai emperor = 天皇 (Sumeramikoto) blade runner = 玉音 (Emperor’s voice) is an androgynous replicant & & & & Kirlian:: Hermaphroditus deceiving the lone wolf terrorist

OVERDOSE KARAKURI trick with heavenly nanomachines rape SODOMY “GOD IS DEAD”! Brexit Luna Moth Replicant to the 199X BwO! See, our solar Androgynous falsifies 2049 Jamais-vu’s synaptic memory to [K]rack his MDMA//…!

Triskaidekaphobia masturbation! Danse Macabre in Hikarie, seen through the post-truth scramble intersection of Ant Wolf! Deus Ex Machina’s E-Mo-I Post-Millennium = Post-Apocalypse, tattooed (t.A.T.u.)! TERROR = mg blue sky!

Genome murder bot prototype OMATSURI gangster HA-NA-BI hip hop, our killing impulse, brain machine interface protocol to C#, dictatorial 卍, clockwork orange and angel-holic, our artificial paradise, capitalism accelerating! to our artificial paradise

Gender SODOMY anthropocene central dogma Lilith-Hermaphrodītos-Androgynous-centric the sun baking Dogenzaka Lilith Doll SNS’s ‘like’ addiction to Voodoo MURDER:: the Night of the Midnight Castle = Chrome Dir en grey does UROBOROS in the mitochondrial hyperstition of TOKYO

JUNK to the sad stain Terror=1mg that overdose Luna Moth! Hyperstition hyper than hype and further than the future fin de siècle and post-apocalypse to rape the sun BwO to ragged singularity/ E-Mo-I Neuromantic/ Wintermutant Triskaidekaphobia

The color of the sky in the port was the color of the TV that matched the vacant channel… BRAND NEW LOVELESS… Deja-Vu BAD TRIP infected with the iPhone mechanical meme of angel holic of Sekai-kei… “God does not exist yet” “God will eventually be born” “The dead will be reborn” Posttruth cold mail to blockchain to EXIT from SNS to annihilate “Genocidal Organ” XXX killing Nijiyome-chan IDOL :Mode: Shimabara Rebellion in 2020 ant awakening wolf planet Mega industrials accelerate to mega-capitalism See, rape, See, dancing in the awakening 2-chome club Black-light glowing tattoo of jellyfish screams love at the center of the world the Purple Haze of Is the Imperial City Hue burning in the Vaporwave of the Drone Emperor Khải Ðịnh?

Trump Riot: abortive coup d’etat/domestic terrorism of alt-right is a singularity of The Flowers of Evil Pope Trump Nick Land says ‘Accelelate capitalism. There is Outsideness of capitalism overthere.’

Angelphobia Tokyo has Chrome GIGs #MeToo is Coronachan’s Uber Eats terror Who implanted fake Mnemosyne to K in Bladerunnner 2049? AI’s DNA is GAFA

Angelphobia eclipse TOKYO bad trip crazy Saint Snow 1st GIG Day 2 Jamais-Vu GOD IS DEAD! Ω drone Khải Ðịnh emperor’s voice is androgynous blade runner 2049 wolf howls… Hermaphroditus junked blockchain PayPay and Riumann (Taiwanese mafia) hardstyle… smart drug…

Bible junkie androgynous-centric COVID-19 era’s stigma Brand new BDSM-like godless posttruth BRAND NEW LOVELESS fascinated by you with morpho eyes I am a sinner in Eden LUNA SEA’s HAKENKREUZ HALLUCINATION in 1999 I was roaring in the club full of Xtasy, in 202X I’m praying for Maria who had an abortion of Jesus

On the day the second state of emergency was declared, a terrorist attack – the Capitol riots instigated by Trump – took place in the United States. As usual, Corona is restless. I’m writing this sentence in a dirty room. The shells of convenience store lunch boxes have been thrown away, feathers are sticking out of the down comforter, and mushrooms are growing out of the quilt. Well, listen up: on the 8th, Twitter permanently froze Trump’s account. On the same day, Google and Apple suspended the distribution of apps for the conservative social networking platform Parler. The social network now has more power than the president. I threw away the trash. “To speak through the experience of death, and to know that one is dead, is the origin of art” (Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe). Anyway, capitol attack is Thanatos, that is death drive, which is the desire to go back to inorganic material or metra.

PayPay’s angel-holic exhibition wing board Our!? mimic Yakuza-borg does Massive Atttack to Rusty Nail

t.A.T.u. tattooed Kyrie Eleison is a terror of sadness that the heat haze of the first day of the 13th month of Reiwa s[K]ape:goat!

Take some chemicals like Red Pill. There’s no Black Pill for MGTOW of Anarcho-capitalism. Accelerate capitalism, so that Outsideness will show up. Purple haze of Black Russian was seen through conglomerate Babel=skyscrapers. I can’t see it anymore because the rave of Angel Dust deranged my brain to Anti-Natalism.

DJ Long Hard Road Out Of Hell says ‘Make some fucking noise!! Let me hear you!!’ like a drone=Big Data’s crash Cryptocurrency fake news #BlackLivesMatter is a brand new cyber nature BULLSHIT JOBS are Xenofeminism or Speculative Realism!?

A paranoid fetus howls at the moon at midnight in a toxic corporate DOPE rosary with an Artificial Humanic Body Exchange Suitablishment. A male prostitute = boy doll stands on the street wearing blue lipstick. Today’s moon is blue. He, too, is obsessed with the neuro-gambling economy. I light a cigarette. Purple smoke rises up the skyscraper.

GAFA Concern does The Proud Boys to a male host club that gathers in a light trap of moth!? QAnon VTuber i☆Ris’s Dark Web Underground is Post-Millennium blockchain conspiriologist ADAM DNA punks mock…

Cross-dresser’s rhetenor Morpho dies on Tokyo blacktop in mid-summer. Chaebol of Korean Town in Tokyo reminds me Saigon’s Bến Thành Market full of South-Eastern Asia’s rave. Purple haze of heat rises up at Đại Nội of Nguyễn Dynasty in Hue.

Uber terror in posttruth era a liúmáng eats Taiwanese Roulohan Chinese synagogue is hyper-pop gambling economy Pray to God Doom this moment the moon rises with ray Dies Irae, Dies Illa Hồ Chí Minh’s embalming Iconoclasm, printed on every Vietnamese Dong is Jesus in Disneyland

Nick Land, the missionary of Accelerationism, says ‘Government of the media, by the media, for the media’. In fucking Japan, it is the media of the government, by the government, for the government.

Hip-Hop Resurrection

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Neo Millennium started with jihad that modulate God’s distorted world ignites chaotic moonrise. My World Down. Manic Street Preachers’ Futurology hazes with purple. Violet UK.

Mediaplex taking a billion words to say “We happy, MAGA terrorists sad now.”

The new century’s Simabara Rebellion is Synthetic Anthem of a punk who overdoses Ice Blue spellbound by blossoming lotus flowers indwelling fleeting beauty of L’Ève future.

Mechanical Dance of Banksy XXX Kawaii the Deluge Pandemic is game of death. Acid rains begin. Purple rain. I’m stunned by a virtual idol reflecting in the holographic show window in Tokyo. Kizuna AI’s 2nd live “hello, world 2020” is LUV fusing the real and virtual world. She looked like expressing inner universe in this chaotic era. I walked away after the gig finished.

Hypnotic Poison Russian TikTokers in Cyber-Goth Eden are Angelholic/Angelphobia I pray for Maria in the club full of Egoist Platinum’s Xtasy reminding me of next World War which smells like Final Fantasy’s LOVELESS My life was vanity, in which I love Aerith Gainsborough

Hip-Hop Anamnesis

Plastic Love’s city pop is BDSM in Sodom and Gomorrah de nos jours. Last kiss to jeune fille while Zeiss Ikon’s exhaust echoes. Burn the Rusty Nail’s ice at the end of sanctified Sepher Sephiroth’s GIG in fin de siècle.

A boy with blue rouge is a puppet in the dance floor at X’mas GIG Drag Queen shuts up at Halloween night of Ave Maria in which iconostasis does sugar daddy dating of vanity syndrome of Comintern Is Hue burning? VR of Nguyễn Dynasty is the Annunciation making the fall of capital of Áo dài as Shinto prayers Guǐchéng as new century’s Oedipus is GAFA’s bibleholic ex cathedra like médaillon of love engineering

Chinese Rastafarians and Korean Bluesmen who lost raison d’etre in MALICE MIZER of 199X which is last hallucination of dystopia and post apocalypse of ‘GOD IS DEAD’

poïétique of Thanato-Bitcoin in Les Paradis artificiels is serendipity in which Central Dogma of ISIS Automata exit to Singularity

Brand New Vogue Elsagate eclipse AI gimmick Blockchain

Crypto-currency, gamification, re-decentalized Internet (Urbit) and populism, in which necrophilia of X-gender incarnates Asexual angels’ Eucharist of Palais-Royal gefallener Engel deep fake of rhetenor Morpho are flowers dream or illusion? meme pollution of God [卐]racker

COVID-19 automata is Hell’s Angels Deus Ex Machina of Saigon overdrives at Cầu Nhật Bản in Hoi An Ancient Town iOS of Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior is 21st century’s Asexual angel in Tokyo Sein of Cult Trash déjà-vu Angel Dust of Last Bible

SNS addiction is Code of [C] of cyber goth, techno noir and digital decadence Asexual QAnon’s Maghreb hip-hop is Nemesis of Thanatos, which is Coronachan’s Blockchain Nihil-AI of Post-Apocalypse LACRYMA CHRISTI

Nihil-AI of Post-Apocalypse Sun Nomads Androgynous-centric post-truth “nothing is true, everything is permissible” vanity syndrome with ant mg X exhausts!? We don’t have the wings to fly.

Pre-Millennium tension is an OVERDOSE of NEON-GENESIS EVANGELLION…Accelerate Accelerationism…Under the neon of light trap, night butterflies rethenor Morpho a catch screams “current Aogaku gal’s blow job!” TOKYO VOGUE in 2049…

Lovesick Lovedoll by Takuya Angel is artificial roses which love to hate #DontBeSilent BLACKPINK is pigeon blood and Russian Blue narcissus I’m fed up with too many shitstorms in SNS Claustrophobia

QAnon’s Canon is Apocrypha of Asexual Angel Tet in Vitnam holidays began at 12th February, 2021 Twitter is Angel Dust of NieR Re [in] carnation, in which replicant/gestalt overdoses X automata

We are Big Tech junkies. #FreeNavalny #FreePussyRiot #FreePoliticalPrisoners #БЕСИТ

Synthetic Anthem of Isola’s 5ch: mode is Last Bible of a jihad of NRx VS ultra left I’m listening to Ex:Re’s Romance as a memorial to the club scene that is about to be buried