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Five Poems by Austin Miles



Futures Insectoid + Worm-like

the insects cannot cash


            as long as my screen is cracked

            + my battery is so trash


hellgrammites cannot either

            in this water


w/ tire + television     




I live in the world for free

most perfect advertisement—

            i am in love w that ad


when i crawl around glen echo ravine

            i think of that ad


the ad becomes me

            as i think of it


playing on my nice tv

            my nose becoming my eyes

            my tongue becoming my eyes

            my nerves becoming my eyes



Untitled 1

@ the fuckin shopping center


                        trying 2 buy some camping “gear”


                        so i can be a vagrant


                        in a nearby ravine



Untitled 2

should’ve been a sun


            tho those posh suburbs

            how are they lived in?


if i’m not anywhere i’m in a car



Finally, and not a moment too soon, sympoesis


i hope i get a serious


   2 seriously

wake + shock away


the i of autonomy

+ give up 2 my tech + earth

+ dissolve + reconstitute dissolve reengage