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The Biopolitics of the Republic: A Utopia of Fucking and War by Myra Glass

Before we can lay out the blueprints of our future we must first deal with the particular question that arises when speculative concepts of a new world are put forward now in our boring period of time. Why are you a utopian? This seems like a reasonable question because years of propaganda have thoroughly sanded the brains of your average person completely smooth to the point where they can not tell the difference between a utopian and dystopian project. In fact, they believe that all utopias are dystopias as anyone who is irrational enough to stray from the perfect platonic ideal of liberal capitalism must be a genocidal monster. The USSR and Nazi Germany are conflated into a gray blob of totalitarianism by mediocre intellectuals of a “free society”. Of course concepts of totalitarianism are nothing more than a mechanism by which the ruling class cancels thought crimes among the masses. If we were to judge the utopian project like the Soviet Union by the body count it has then wouldn’t the same standard also apply to say the United Snakes of Amerika? Can we judge liberal capitalism based on the mass grave of indigenous peoples and dead slaves that it grew out of? It is a well-known fact that Hitler’s open-air Holocaust of the Eastern European peoples was directly inspired by the settler Colonial genocide of the U$ so should we dismiss the sanctity of liberal capitalism? The answer is yes. The bulk of Soviet Union’s body count comes from Noble but stupidly planned effort to industrialize a backward Nation whereas America’s body count comes out the settler Colonial genocide of Conquest and Global imperialism. The Grand historical mission of the Soviet Union, utopian in its character, is what separates it from the equally “totalitarian” dystopia of liberal Amerika and Nazi Germany. 

This totalitarian consensus of totalitarianism leaves us with very few people willing to talk of Utopia. The minority that remains are academic schizophrenics like Fredric Jameson who are only capable of writing and speaking infinite patterns of jumble Jargon that mean little to nothing. That educated junkie James has sentenced himself to the cruel punishment of wandering the empty halls of the once Grand Hotel Abyss mumbling to himself aimlessly about utopia and emancipation as literary Concepts. We being neurotics of a different kind should pay academic schizophrenics nothing but pocket change, being professors they probably need it. Such academics have far less to contribute to the discourse of emancipation than actual schizophrenic homeless people, who at the bare minimum are proletarian in character. 

Utopianism is not born out of insanity but rather out of a humble form of retardation, autism. There is little that separates Charles Fourier’s writing of infinite categories of cuckoldry and the special kid in your 3rd-grade class that would spend recess placing all the markers into neatly formed rows based on color and size. Only a Sperg would be so bold as to make the world run like a model train set. 

Outside of neurodivergent tendencies the utopian is also born out of historical material conditions.  Marx and Engels dismissed utopianism as idealism that was outside of proletarian class struggle, which is true in part. Many of the utopians were not involved in the class struggle so much as their own particular projects of addressing the irrationality of emerging capitalism. However it is clear that Marx and Engels borrow a number of concepts from the utopian socialists, Marxism has a similar aim to Auguste Comte’s project of positivism as both bodies of thought seek to unite the sciences under one banner for one example. Along with this Utopianism could be argued as foundational for the development of socialism. Based on Lars Lih’s reading of the Orthodox Marxist tradition(Marx, Engels, Kautsky, and Lenin), with particular emphasis on the concept of the merger formula(the unifying of the Socialist movement with the worker’s movement by a singular party/political program), one can see the utopian as expanding the consciousness of the proletariat by opening up the possibility of new worlds(socialism) through their writing and thus being a major part of the merger formula. The direct example of this is Robert Owen and his followers; Robert despite being a capitalist had his utopian ideas spread among the working class leading to them towards socialism. In our current moment, it could be argued that we are in a similar state as those early socialists of the 19th century since the Socialist movement that exists currently is almost completely disconnected from the labor movement and both movements are weak much like they were in the 19th century. This situation implies that there is a fundamental need for utopianism among communists. We must expand the collective consciousness of the proletariat through the creation of new models of existence. Models that not only layout the possibility of a better world but ruthlessly critique the one that we are trapped in currently.

With all that said we can move on into describing one possible model of a new communism. This model will be described in biopolitical terms. The reason for this is that first, it is completely in line with the proto-Freudian description of utopia that was put forward by Charles Fourier which was based in bio-psycho desires. Secondly, psychoanalysis has taught us that we can understand society through the way it deals with the biological desires of death and fucking. The Republic of the future will be free of natural birth, of atomized sex and boring meaningless death. From this biopolitical program, the whole species will be mobilized towards its own liberation. Violently slaughtering the artificial boundaries that deny us the organic unity of the flesh. Gender, class, race, and nation will be erased from this earth leaving nothing but the sweaty throbbing mass of humanity in a state of constant passionate fucking forever. 


The great utopian feminist Shulamith Firestone once described the process of giving birth as “like shitting a pumpkin.”When we strip back the layers ideological pretense behind the concept of natural childbirth as an inherent good we find ourselves with one of the most disgusting acts that humans have been forced to do. Not simply because of the pain of giving birth, as pain is not necessarily bad per se if it is a part of contributing to society as a whole, but rather the inefficiency and messiness of the process of giving birth get in the way of creating communism.

The inefficiency of natural childbirth is rather self-evident. A human “Female”(Phemale) must spend a total of 9 months taking care of the potential child before it is even born, taking a wide variety of precautions ranging from watching their diet to avoiding potential hazards to The Unborn Child such as cat litter. Then the time finally comes the Phemale goes through one of the most excruciatingly painful and dangerous experiences of their existence to press out the child from their cunts. Then they are left with the difficult task of raising the child which they are often less than qualified for due to a number of issues ranging from having little means of financially supporting the child to being mentally unprepared for the task of child-rearing. The atomized structure of the nuclear family leaves the Phemale or their partner as the primary caregivers of the child thus their lack of preparation for the monumental effort that is rearing a child is damaging to everyone involved. This giving birth often leaves the Phemale subject mentally scarred by the experience of postmortem depression and long term stress. The heavy prospects having a child thus leave the Phemale with a sort of unconscious anti-natalist dread that cannot be voiced since heteronormative patriarchal values are centered around glorifying everything involving natural reproduction of children. The Phemales anti-natalist tendencies can only be sublimated through the abandonment of the child or abortion the fetus. 

There’s also much deeper messiness that comes with the process of childbirth and rearing. This is the natural division of labor that comes with sex differences that leads humanity being divided into biological classes of “male” and “female”, males being naturally prone to dominance due to being free of the task of child-rearing and females being disposed to be dominated due to their disposition as the ones being suited for rearing children. From this initial social relation, other divisions of labor are formed and thus civilization(class society) is given a bloody birth. While archaeologically speaking there are a number of different variations in the development of civilization the broad thrust of the biological family thesis put forward by Shulamith Firestone is true. This thesis of patriarchal society being rooted in sex differences has become unpopular given its close association with TERFs. It is taken as given that trans activists and radical feminists can have nothing in common because trans activism has been diluted by liberal feminism and radical feminism has been rendered nothing more than a pussy fetishist club by TERFs. However, when we understand the goal of radical feminism to be the annihilation of sex differences through a political and technological program. We find that transgenderism and radical feminism are not only compatible but integral to each other as the biotechnology that transgender people use can help us overcome sex differences. The development of bio productive forces must be expanded in order to overcome the divisions of patriarchal society.

The Communist society of the future will run as a virtuous flesh machine in order to survive, the continuous process of reproduction must be carried out in a rational planned. This is to say that we are not looking to get rid of the inefficiencies and messiness of patriarchal society simply for moralistic reasons as feminists of the past have done but rather we do so as social engineers. The possibility of planning Collective reproduction may vaguely stink of eugenics to some, it is a genuinely reasonable concern given that a vast swath of the 20th century left fell for the pseudo-scientific allure eugenics before it became associated with the Nazis. Bioplanning will be done with a modern understanding of evolution in mind. We know that the general diversity of traits that eugenic programs of the twentieth century sought to erase are necessary for the survival of the species and recent developments in epigenetics show us that the interplay between genetic traits and environmental factors is far more complex than previously thought. Thus we will not breed humans like dogs; human life will be mass-produced. 

Bio planning will begin with the creation of factories of human life being created. These will be baby factories that completely artificially produce humans, “wombs” and genetic material will be created from scratch without being taken from the human population. The genetic traits of each child will be determined through a randomized process of an AI created for the management of all life factories. The tempo of baby production will be determined by how the AI assesses the needs of society at moment through the farming of data, during times of mass warfare( which this communist Society will come out of) baby production will be a continuous and rapid process however in times of peace production will slow to a gentle lull perfectly in tune with that the collective whole. 

The destruction of the biological family will entail that there will be no Family Form to raise the children of this society. Instead, a complex rigorous educational system will be tasked with the further development of youths. The process can be roughly divided into two main stages. The first is the dionysian stage (From ages 0-12), and this stage has a particular emphasis on the development of Virtue and Beauty. Under capitalist education principles of aesthetic Beauty and virtue are rarely talked let alone thought of being worthy of the core of a child’s development, this is because If the child learns the nature of beauty then they cannot be sold garbage commodity art and with Republican virtue, they would understand capitalism is a kind of cuckoldry that denies them subjectivity. With this, the subjects of the Republic must be made into philosophers and poets, people with impeccable pallets, and sublime souls. Then after all this, the children go through the second stage of their development, which is the Apollo stage. The Apollo stage(12-18) is meant to develop their physical strength and more technical abilities(mathematics, medicine, and engineering)  in preparation for participation in the global revolutionary Wars. The Republic will be under siege for most of its early existence thus it will be necessary to put every single person through intensive military-style training in between technical classes. Thus creating a much stronger society.


Under our current modernity, there exists a crude dialectic between social conservatism and sexual Liberation theology. Social conservatism fundamentally denies the need for sexual release subjugating libidinal impulses under the holy active of productive heterosexual sex, this ritual is only made semi-social as coitus is done within the ideological boundaries of monogamous “love”. The limits of social conservatism were made obvious by the sexual revolution. We can not repress these desires in a straightforward manner. All marriages are defined by a secret non-monogamy and there’s a phaggot in every closet. However from the freedom that supposedly came from this break down of “Traditional Values” was nothing but an empty void. We have sex on our laptops, on our phones, in our games, and our tv shows but we do not have it with each other. To make this pornified world possible the capitalist has enlisted an ever-growing labor Army of prostitutes (men women, and children) who are ready to sell their flesh for the lowest amount of cash possible. In this sense both the unfreedom of social conservatism and the freedom of sexual liberation are fundamentally the same, creating superficially different flavors of market alienation. 

Only the most radical sputtering of human consciousness can bring us close to the higher synthesis of fucking. We must look at what materially exists and aim to create a utopia out of it. What is desirable in social conservative sex practices is the ritualistic aspects of it, in marriage, the smacking of sexual organs together between a man and woman becomes not simply just an act that is biologically necessary to reproduce the species but the sticky connection between them and God. They are engaged in a church to solidify this psychosexual bond between each other and the heavenly father. Pretty white dresses, the luscious music of choirs, and imposing Gothic churches create an atmosphere that cannot be simply thrown away. What is genuinely desirable in sexual Liberation or at least the promise of it is to make sex a universal communal act, one that goes beyond the alienated space at the nuclear family. We can see this in queer spaces before the AIDs crisis. Bathhouses, discos, and bars brought the most marginalized members of society together in excessive Joy. The partying allowed for people to meet with one another in an environment that was open to meaningful social engagement. It was as the reactionaries say unclean but COVID has shown us that there are no forms of social life that are free of disease. Cathedrals and sports stadiums are just as filthy as the dirtiest sex clubs, the only thing that keeps us from acknowledging this as a fact is the remnants of old faiths. The formula for a better world becomes simple, it is the sense of tradition and ritual of the old world combined with the sexual energy of the present moment. 

To implement this formula we must use the most advanced forms of rational planning and social engineering. We would have already abolished natural reproduction among humans thus making unwanted pregnancies, not a risk. The threat of diseases can also be minimized through genetic engineering, condoms of various sorts, and Other Medical Treatments. This conquering of natural limits to love should be celebrated. 

At the end of spring, all the youths of the republic who have graduated from the Apollo stage of there are education shall be gathered in the churches of the old world to commence the greatest ritual humanity will ever know. They will be handing over their bodies to the command of the Supreme Being(a powerful AI that is in part charge of planning the economy) in one week-long orgy. Their warm tender units mashing together in front of the most powerful force on earth, human reason made divine in the circuits of the beautiful machine. The whole society will be unified through the binding of flesh. 


In the short essay “In Janitzio Death is not Scary” Bordiga analyzes the ritual of Human Sacrifice among pre-colonized Mexican people. What is surprising about this text is the degree to which Bordiga praises the Inca. Rather than interpreting ritualistic sacrifices the repulsive practice of a primitive barbaric people Bordiga sees what is represented in the ritual as a fundamental part of communism. A hard rejection of the kind of neurotic hyper-individualism of capitalism which paints death as something to be feared since it is the ultimate Force that can eliminate the all-important individual. The Inca were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater whole as they understood death as a dialectical affirmation of life. They could die because they knew that it was apart of existence, everything in light of death becomes so much sweeter from food to friendship as the truth of all it is that it will be gone eventually. Communism is organized around the affirmation of Life thus communists understand the beauty of death in the same way that the Inca do. 

While “In Janitzio Death is not Scary” is a seemingly minor text within Bordiga’s larger body of work it holds a great significance in digging into the nuances of his later project of Organic Centralism. Fundamentally, Bordiga does not see the project of Communism as merely the radical filming of Enlightenment values such as the right of man, democracy, etc but rather as being apart of the greater continuum of the emancipatory collectively that has existed through history. Communism has come in many forms from the “primitive” indigenous societies of North America through utopians of Christian tradition and the French Revolution to its final International scientific form of Global communism which is soon to come. Thus in theorizing Communism within the whole of history we see that the mode of production to come would not be defined by a set of eternal values but by the practicalities of Liberatore class struggle and the development of the particular mode of production that would be able to support Communism. Organic centralism is a somewhat flawed articulation of this, as it’s general content is only vaguely outlined by Bordiga. A broad totalitarian mass governed by the party, the party acting as the brain for the body of society. New values governing this collective whole. 

The capitalist fantasy of Transhumanism is not about extending life to enjoy more out an existence but death taking away their power,  to take up space as a brain in a jar screeching out orders to the beleaguered parole in a wretched Microsoft Sam voice forever. This is what modern transhumanism is about at its core. All of its leading proponents are Silicon Valley scam artists with connections to the Deep state. There’s also a pedophilic undercurrent that pervades the obsession with eternal youth. It is Hollywood child fuckers who spend most of their time marketing this kind of Eternal teenage fever dream through bombardment beauty advertisements, high school dramas and the cult of focus tested youth rebellion. 

Communism in contrast to capitalism affirms the beauty of an honorable death, sacrifices that are made towards the emancipation of all mankind, or the tenderness of natural passing at a ripe old age. We as Materialists understand death as something that is permanent but one of the wonders of this universe. We therefore will enshrine it in the Republic. The masses must be mobilized towards the great Global Revolutionary War against capital thus all people will be conscripted into Red Armies, whether those armies are of the labor variety or the militia variety. Militia uniforms will be worn with the utmost sense of pride as we glory citizens of the Republic live on the edge of death. Our soft yet lean and estrogenized flesh glowing In the Heat of battle and our blood painting the world as red as our communist flags. The aesthetic weight of this future war will overwhelm the others not even the Great Patriotic War of World War II will have so many comrades fighting. Every Soldier immortalized as divine Martyrs for the greatest cause ever fought for. All Red Saint Sebastians, all beautiful. 

Those who do not die in the war will bask in the mortal light of a new world. One which will be organized around the happiness of people. A society that has abolished the family, class race, and Nation thus unifying the entirety of the human race. The living will be thankful for the dead and we shall die peacefully without need for Cults to comfort us. We shall live and die in this Utopia.