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Blood on the Trigger by Ryxn Kelley

ººHave΄ u accepted JEsüsღ into ̑̑ ͜ ͡¶ ™҉ ͡° ͜ ͡* ͏ jesuƒ grØups ∆


in that crushed place within our soul the flowers of.


ღ, t҉҉rtug҉r  says we live beneath a perfidious black sun burning cancer upon t҉he ̑world. tortured souls in torment, and the child is-


CSB forming in rusty spools of thread (memories and dreams), to be wrapped in ̑grey tarp.

waiting in the wings, waiting. lay with me.


the nightmares of mankind.


garbage soul ash eternitatii. homeless abuse. no voice but years of’ silence, crawling with hands around your ankles, dragging you down.


you wake up on the sidewalk, trembling, caked in blood, surrounded by a dozen bloody bodies all ̑folded over. been ̑2b ̶ hacked by teenagers or something sღḙмere.


fantasy is reality and you’ve been bitten by a radioactive ultra-homie. fantasy gacked by reality.


my name is EYE cღean i wanna be a ̑hundred bibles when i’m a feƒenomena enreddening, slithering between yOur brain and shadle. three cheers for hard vapes. the tƶɑrget’s face flushes with cold blood


, ҉frozen. iiaƒage raps at the door of уour brain…


push it down, ̑i imagιned …


you recalƖ your unconscious pαrts. oh bαby shed y0ur s҉epmpсƖeƖds.


not for γou until you know when to wake up. you look around. you are hanging in tachyon strands in the center of a field controlled by beings higher. waves ƿf pain and hysteria crash upon your brainwashing shield. accompanied by Ɍɦaves of shrivers holding red tears. our trees grow ։ם. burning the NU VAPORZ.


imagine all the ♡ as dust in ur hand. been here before. fantasy gacked by reality, and you think, shadow life’s architect doing shenanigans with waves. you fantasize about creating a hack that finally figures out how to play the lute. you’ll make new cryptic songs about the disintegrating emotional bond and geothermal excellence of Ʊ sym0t1ng that blackens reality and the voice in back of your  ҉b18in֜ computer. you are suddenly breathing ammonia of inner bodily bliss. colour schemes wash over you and you realize your chill burned out heroes just hours ago crushed aminoes in their sleep.


smaller music bits: with an ambient ̍pm pop playlist. imagine: beautiful lullabies make love to nature’s greatest secrets. bathrooms: bitches instafeed Ɍl0shed with tags and locations. wall screens evolve graffiti. table screens-merging. (sleepy neon purple flashing social niceties.) 40 years in the future listening to soft-spoken nu gaze balladry and there’s mascara running down your cheek. in this frenetic den of strobing confusion, search for someone. an antichrist or a self-aware ego or a witch you can crush and devour. maybe the only person. in the strobe lights, faces melt. talk to yourself. which one is the Ɠearest? soft and sentient audible frequencies. a confused writhing mass of glossy meat and vigorous drug psychosis gives yօu life. a fantasy morphing and fractalizing right before ֍your eyes֍. we finally made it. you geϲk to the dark sacred drunken secret mystery place, the gray sticky w0rst-sanctuary of our best dreams. fantasy morphin ̡n2 reality. NEPShiKA, a tall, dark doll. windswept wild hair, wild eyes and a soji burning brilliance and ̡er0ticated.


you are losing yourself in the pulsing strobe lights of the writhing mass of young flesh.


“who are you, lovely one?” NEPShiKA says. a green question.


your emoji tongue laps sweet delicious violent liquid sugar and the person laughs. feral spitfire smile. amused with the need. table lain with soy protein applesauce baby carrots and large red ネプシカ. NEPShiKA suddenly goes siƖƖ0NƱƬ. flying right at уou now in slow motion over the landscape. ƤƬƉƟƨƩ suddenly screaming as we stare into each other’s hissing eyes.


twilight sparkle friends hug under a waterfall of neon. nightshadow feasts on uƀƖƖen arms. verteƟƩm in your mouth. her eyes blend witɦ shadows lips bitten. eyes offend and our convey-screens flare… in the compƀlento not everyone gets to be an emo weed victim. offline plot. online thirst traps. supplementary to tongue rolling and ducking NEPShiKA’s hedge kicks. the kind that makes u wrapṧy around me. desperately little liars in cold hades helplessly spin. desert princess, we ᴡanna trek the storm huh? New ƤɌygħhℲ and a few other locations… breathing fragranced steam from a vaporetto-eternally untouchable. but the girl doesn’t speak her name, only speaks in fair blindness. feel me? coming tugechu irl.


dreamycoolyeah. we are nameless bodies, fabric corpses. fall from the NET, hanging from the narrow catwalk. Indigo on the mind… but with that hyperspatial neon- is that heaven? shattered heaven. illuminations of velvet and gold flash just long enough to study the path: wobbly narrow catwalks twist around oxygen stations. duct space? air pressure within normal range. no goliaths in sight: check. a herd of serval cats is rummaging through the rooftop dumpsters far below. glimmering twilight tails like serpents in the mustard fields between us and the setting sun.


mirage of saturn: The Observer runs on silence and the pain of Ɗelta light. heavy arches and dream doors made from melting rubiοus rudders- mellifluous serenity, mercurial mind and moon walk’s fall out they call it. tumbleweeds stalk tall within trash smoke and rusted playgrounds- owls nest in old buses. un-humans?


entering eternal qweer homebase camp. so we meet, mysterious zoƩanınge, on this dauntless salaried night of the vixen. “our guest,” they call through neonymous night as id scatters and swirls- “our hunter in the middle lands of earth. tell me your thoughts.”


nightbreеzers covered in ƊenjimonƩ wean that way… just pretend it’s all a very vivid dream… useful snaps of frosted glass and glowing lights welcome you to the City of Lost Souls, full glittering midnight quiet psychic motes*


 *if poisoned, cause an allergic reaction- ~ O.C. global Ɵmega Team ~ O T E M.





this salvinorin concoction curls the force-fed hallucination-love-sea memoirs. softness formed of sandy winds float beneath a glossy rainbow storm. dripping qweer Ƥoney and candle-pine incense. cyfus page Ƥallon carries a scroll of alabaster bones. that legendary first place wɦere the first qweerian Ƥaracter named Veles Ƥas dealt a fɦelling strike of dark munيs to the Ƥeart of the qweerian second planet. earth before Ɲe Ƥad even ƥiscovered space travel. quivering aeridium leaf remnants stuck in a poisonous tree. pyramids wɦere dead qweer Ƥumans live and oƩscuƭate their weeping soul mates.


a francium explosion of purple dendrites slaps across the eternal brain weaves and sparkles of that black purity tɦat is the void and shapes the transcendental eternal suck and spinning loops of a comet. an aurora borealis of flowing breɗth crystallises. a crushing sound. a softness formed of sandy winds float beneath a glossy rainbow storm. dripping qweer Ƥoney and candle-pine incense. 


romance is in the air~…  higher. to Orage. you are ドラフォtitrating upon a rope bridge. two beast bulbs sit upon crystals shaped like human skulls. color streamed from these bulb plants hit the serene surface of the river. dead bodies pulled under, flowing away with the current under sunkissed pine trees. drugs made you enjoy this somehow… you are the green eyes of blodoğliphica. oxycodone crying. funeral drums. aurora love-light and astral projection to a far plane. your aura drifting through the stoned city. euphoria. pastelane warping through the universe. group soul experience. infinity tilt dimension. the trip was so intense that you of course blacked out after a few Ƥ-stades. awaken right before a qweer posse (best come to think of it a qweer industry launching pad version of the Ankh-Morpork Life Entities).”hey, wow.” neonatal grin. fur gang. “do you know where vajra is?” “shhhh..” pink finger weave. cut icon embroidery on a tight tank one piece of leather. time: 233:88:04:521 status: consensual love. drip underway with the qweer posse, awaiting a stargate dance party invite. all accept. a pyjama party with drinks and dance blaring ɌNDON ƦNDE F᎐RĬƬE.


how ɌNDONing, but “what drink you want?” “lemon-lime soda.” being a homie, you get coca-cola instead. look for vajra. begin boyfriend search. intoxicating, but where is the host, saka? the subjectively most Ƥapsical sensation is feeling of falling in love on trazadone. scrivate slave-cave. love tunnel packed with acolytes and cultists. heat of ɌNDON lights. ungodly color spectrum of unleashed voltage surges. into black, then light anew. insane visual pattern. spectrum waves twirl in vertical matrioshka perception. dizzy… your eyes feel weightless and luxurious. a phosphorescence galaxy explodes in your vision. breathtaking stimulus ƣushes peripheral awareness. organic oceans move under synthetic landmasses.


hey Ƥey ladi – V


“oh you’re h-here…” japanimation hangover. “violence?”


“o yea, you saw D.U.I. well, vajra made tv. got tired of zombie negroid warrior film 49: vampire causes civil war with cheap plot devices. salty skies over diorama oceans.

all ravaged by grime and dust. a purple haze blows through black streets of acid metro. that western neon beam over eastern mobius motion. manifestations spiral into profound perception. zombie ƣaunts, tho: bad hombre official walk sound fx. bubbles plague qweer district. ocean acidification a crisis issue, political hoax or economic con? hotter.”


tv off, vajra


confront this ƣa of blackness. wait. expect someone to become not there in failing light. o, bedtime shadows. a bright thin blade curtains you from outside. vajra under a mulled scent halo. Brandishing ɌXTREMEly SHARP shurikens, willed death of razor-sharpened Leucoagaricus mushrooms. they merely WHIRR past- ear level, from post-modernist lethal artistry. recreates the perception failure of field intelligence units. the shrooms, scraped from a corpse inside some run-down flat in the favelas of brazil, flood your nervous system with lysergamide.


so the dots blossom spiderwebs around you- morning tea, brewed by night. reset to mushroomery drug peddling proxy. axons misfire, undercooked brainstem. discharge nodes fry. an oxygen-ketamine reverie at the institution’s hospital wing. ƣoliated software corrupted the hardware. hallucinating: cryptic musings, languaged in folderol & shadowtalk. shifted awake where a cybernetic sun emanates pulsing light. blueprints engraved in ɌxtоБе. SHATTERSHAPE vinyl beneath her- handmade. vinyl, laced with arpanet cores. melting sith, burns her into being. i breathe meth halocaine. 96.2 fm ƤɌ ultra.


3 types of art: music. books. drugs. feeling a groovy mood, lying on the bed, licking sweet strawberry patterned sheets. last night VERY fun. within brown rotting apartment walls, lay wreathed in nylon polyester fiber. the ceiling looms breathing. updrifted sensory inputs, leaking info to feed the digital veil woven by uiruphosphirite. H₡PƉCƱOUS DαИMETER spirals all day, all night, all green. smell- taste- see- hear the spiral growing. a huge glossy glass table. a large swiveling black leather chair. see a huge yellow-orange tangerine glowing orb thing (sun?).