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Published: 2021-09-18 Words: 990




by earlymusicmaniac



A malathelemic self-insert GeorgeNotFound hardsmut prophecyfic revealed over a four-day-period before, during, and after George’s haircut livestream.



ill be the one cutting his hair. with a brutal razor. he will be bald. i will be unforgiving. he will be in ropes too. in a uranian temple. he’ll be filthy with sigils and sore w/ angels names. i will cut into his scalpflesh as i shall into his hair. his hair will be an offering.


it will be so humiliating. all of you watching. i shall palm his naked head full of cuts. im so careless. i will leave him in the uranian temple. and take his hair into a basket. there will be a jackal waiting outside. and a red light will shine across the horizon. [walking into]

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BEACHWAY by John Ebersole




I was all in and I had a full-time job and I had an

apartment and I had a car and I made payments

but I was a dungeon and I was stealing and reaching

out for help and my gut got me into a place and my first

day was psychotically welcoming and they always asked

are you ready to give up

and my new outlook on life as a whole and that was enough to begin

the process and I’m actually honest with myself

and others and if I could do it and the real world and my

eyes have been opened to the real world

and If I can do it honestly anyone can.

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WANTS, DEPLETED by Christie Evelyn


it is only right of her to want to be historically preserved if she cannot bear life much longer. she has this kind of internal logic that keeps her from doing it herself, maybe a holdover from sermons in youth that she could never subscribe to but were doomladen enough to judder in starts and stops when she ruminated on death, a locked groove wearing the needle out. if there’s a Heaven she doesn’t want to be precluded from bearing witness to it, and neither to a Hell really. discounting the eternal torture, there was a rugged aesthetic pleasure to every representation she’d seen of it that she’d hope to get even an inkling of in person, but then again that means having to discount eternal torture.

eternal torture isn’t quite how she describes life here—for one, it’s finite, can be ended at one’s own discretion—it’s just something that’s been sapped of its blisses, beyond explication, beyond inadequately surmising in a creative-writing-task suicide note. that’s the reason why if she goes in a manner that’s self-evident in its nature as a suicide, it’ll become a minor mystery to those who made their pockets full with her. they’ll dart across the scene amateur-sleuthlike, forcefeeding reasons and rationalisations that aren’t there into her relaxed-open mouth.

and also she doesn’t want to let the team down, the statistician’s morbid pastime that was girls like her. but then even if she escapes the categorisation of trans suicide as planned, by her excursions and their intended outcome she’ll be grouped into the datafield of trans murder. could she not be a suicide or murder victim and then be laid to rest peacefully without the baggage of representing an entire community’s susceptibility to such things? it’s the most mundane component of her anyway. most people don’t even notice, how she misses in retrospect when people noticed, as awful as it seemed at the time. when she could throw an open-hearted look at another trans girl and have that same look imparted back upon her, not have it evaded by the lookee who mistakes her for just another clocker.

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Texas Reich by Cameron Day

We intend to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and fearlessness. We affirm that the world’s magnificence has been enriched by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. A racing car whose hood is adorned with great pipes, like serpents of explosive breath – a roaring car that seems to ride on grapeshot is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace. We will glorify war – the world’s only hygiene – militarism, patriotism, the destructive gesture of freedom-bringers, beautiful ideas worth dying for, and scorn for woman.

Heat death in the Texas eschaton. Thousands of horrible huge racing metal monstrosities, black Decepticons, towering trucks mutating outward in every direction, throbbing with the heinous life-force of the necromantic black blood sucked from deep soil, coughing black smoke, burning tires, shining grills. 

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Hyperstar Lumen by William Tidwell

Hyperstar Lumen was an aging photorealistic Pacman knockoff with bulging teeth and cheeks perpetually flushed red. He had amassed a considerable fortune from his years of appearing in a slew of video game titles, ranging from maze hunts, RPGs, first person shooters, sidescrolling and three-dimensional platformers, handheld snake clones, pseudo-roguelikes sold on casual web markets, and edutainment point & click adventures limited to CD-ROM. He fancied himself an artist with untapped potential, always lamenting what little creative control he had over his career, and decided a few years into his retirement to independently finance, produce, and direct a miniseries of eight mockumentaries satirizing cancel culture, consumerism, and the death of common sense. They were monumental box office failures.

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Meditations for Online by Dulce Jay

  1. The increasing incoherence of reality justifies seemingly any form of escapism.
  2. You boil yourself down to a few notable signifiers.
  3. Pornographic fantasies datamosh and interpolate with your suicide plans.
  4. When I close my eyes, the pixels are burnt into my retina, blazing like fierce green-blue suns. A mind colonised with these data packets.
  5. On a forum, I once saw someone say in an argument “you can’t criticise me, you literally eat your own shit” to which the person they were arguing with responded “that isn’t true, I only eat beautiful women’s shit”. While beauty is subjective, I can confirm that he does in fact eat women’s shit.
  6. Sometimes I think about finding the Facebook headquarters and walking in with a suicide vest strapped to my body.
  7. I’m worried the internet has stolen all of my memories. Or maybe prevented me from making them in the first place.
  8. Impact font meme posted 4:26 AM August 3rd,2015 – Image: a smiling anime girl. Upper text: PLEASE HE. Bottom text: PLEASE HELP ME.
  9. Beheading videos have numbed my sense of self.
  10. There are numerous places around the internet where men gather to discuss autofellatio. Many of the posts on these forums involve selfsuck-related injuries. These injuries don’t discourage them, however.
  11. I talk about myself constantly, but I have no idea who I am.
  12. Last post – June 24, 2018: “i think ive forgotten how to love”.
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