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Collective Lessons from a Rhino by Zaxborg


1) Ich forch
They are like my choosers, the world is a cup of hellfire
It is my church, my clientele, my bed, my family
by the talent of and patron of those skilled in
The master of the furies holds his guns, with his paper’s
I kill these people and I keep them alive
for the tricksters, for the artisans and every day



defying sex slavery nature!
defying apex slave-selection
sublimating outside detritus of daily living
helpful fallen return
bubbly gene delays, disruptions, imparted
to hone in on its molecular features
essential primary enkhanid centres of command
imminent eternal great domination
tapering glorious speed resistance
chimera armory coat of arms diabolical


Jesus Forgive This Ass

surrender void arms cut to mean
surrender i’m losing…. layed in filth
repeat of pumas faith satanic rituals
man strike in divine image
fuck the word I’m fucking you
patheos christmas painting card
get a magic mount that’s a rhino the size of this bag
when will the present make its mark?
deep flashback terrifying and inextricable
jesus forgive this ass