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conglomerationofgoodthings by Marston Hefner

That one time Nancy slipped me her five cent token under her bra lace sneakers and I stole a glance at her as if like, whaaaaaaaaaat?

The second time Nancy snuck her bra lace sneakers into the tent grounds and snuck back with the only pair of sneakers left from the campground and that was when we were all like, whaaaaaaaaat?


Once one upon a time a romance was started online between two writers and though they were neither bitter nor sweet the romance did not last. But the colors were will. The reds and hues of blue brought further from their minds. The imaginations and books read and made.


I one once upon a time read well studious a woman who had a chance at making herself known, with her front face forward living a cartographer did make her blessed face known in the snow. The snow a harder color colder time then the one made before like an everlasting fall came forward in the winter snow.


If I proliferated the lie that the author was mean that would be in my best interest then to apologize and not be called a         . I am very sorry. The one who wanted to work hard for her work was only inside my place and the effort was expelled great and hard breaths made. Between. Holy and hard breaths made toward finishing the work in front of our faces. A long project not just us but of many books yet to be written.


The travesty of the son.


A woman who requires all of your attention I keep out of mind. Before day the than better.

A followed further true. The forward motioning made itself further from what it was, true. A calm and sensitive man. A former individual joined a group and I made myself heard and heard myself made. The forward movement. The long lengthening of a wait. I’ve wanted to roam further in the woods. The woods were made deeper. The deeper the woods were made. Deeper made were woods. A closeted individual. I have many close friends. I am a closeted individual.

I am making myself a controlled substance. Are you making a controlled substance? The many who wanted a world in themselves. The many wishing a world wanting. I am waiting for a controlled experiment. A controlled experiment fixed to a substance. Focus on the sentence this one now. I am a dangerous individual. That was good, now say it so they believe you. Individual dangerous am I waves made. The logic made itself known.

My former roommate has tourette’s syndrome. My last classmate I remember became a successful lawyer. I have very high ambitions. I am very full of positive feelings.

I am going to tell you a secret but you have to promise not to tell anyone. I am secretly in love with Frank. He has such a kind smile. He loves me like no one else in the world. I love Frank so much. Are you ready? Are you ready for another secret? Frank loves me too!

Many times I started again. The haunted men were all wanted worrying for the will to come forward. The courage to just call you tonight. The worry in the sentence the wisdom is it does not get lonelier. The sentence does not become something for you in the ever closing doors. A period is made. A period before.

If one is going to ask the many requiremnts of your body and mind is to deliver a sense of mastery to your audience otherwise you are not performing at highest ability and disappointing the few who listen to you but do not need to disappoint any if you are playing to no one but the song in yourself is so much sweeter being sung inside you and you alone the many not involved the few not even just you just me and just you and this is a relationship forming now between one one and now no one just me and now this song is just me and how this is just me I am singing and I am singing how this is many songs many for me.

And I am in love with you.
you and I and our unfinished novels on the computer.
I am azure and I am also simple.

But ten years perhaps in I should heard men say after victory they deserve an affair. An affair an affair a lair in the heart of the woods a cave in the middle of the situation could not bring the darkness bleak water meek merry the wet stone turned to bleak times.

I am strong in myself. I am happy with who I am. I am becoming who I want to be. I am becoming who I want to be. I am strong and I am human. I am fallible and I am strong. Do not seep into the painting melt in background of the paint. The forest is seeping itself clear. The colors are combining into hues. I am fascinated by the way she danced.

I am an elegant hue. I liked the way she danced. To be as elegant as I could be. I told myself to dance. I feared glory in war. I fought so hard. I did not fight as hard as many. Still, I fought so hard but I did not fight as hard as all. The fortune went to creatures in the ocean lurked beneath. What lay still lingered beneath. I have no idea how many there were. I only knew she danced within frame.

Fortune favors the waves. I am a fortune current clean. Do not be plenty mystified the many are wanting to get ahold of me and hold me down and I am one the few and I am a child.
ALaBaSTER SkiN fair haired full of beauty and grace.
O Heart-sized fruit.
Heart felt tool fall in love with. You are you here. Me am I what. Watching a story dissolve involved herself in the making of the story adventure was taken dark elves, Ogres, and Dwarfs.

I am happy. I am affluent. I am affluent envied frequently crossed over though I am strong a goblin. With age I am ripening into an integer.

How hard an addict is worth work it if you’re worth make it worth your time accessible to tones of voice many distinctions frequent this place often is a southern bar is cool times on the grass splayed legs on the wet lawn and the legs of a shaved teenager frequent memories frequently memories frequently memories are frequently coursing just coursing running running many times many all the many memories are running coursing through
Ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf fru ruf ruf ruf
Smoking hash with my friends parents wanting to be Great.
ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf ruf
What harm has been done to me?
The unfortunate organ made itself heard the instrument could not stop the playing by the 12 year old girl, or her 21 year old sister made plans to orgasm in front of her boyfriend Todd aged 55 late stage balding passionately in his hand was a rose to present to sister 21 years old at front step.

Here, Todd is brazenly and grotesquely groping Ashley age 12 his girlfriend’s kid sister in the back seat of his Hooper Van, origin unknown and named Fortune for unknown reasons. Here Fortune riding in the outskirts of the desert, the van cruising towards adventure unknown as kid sister makes sound seeping through an exhale. A breath from Todd and kid sister is happy to be going to a better place, one where 55 year old Todd will love her and take care of her. Here, Todd looks over and smiles at kid sister and kid sister looks happy.

Fortune drives through the desert while we the viewer pray for their safe keeping on another Midnight run of “Fever Forever The Bold-Keeper” and “Thank You Bold-Keeper”. We are always yours. This is Lou Sheldon signing out.

A midnight rider like Todd always favors the plenty hard I tried to make my millions decidedly the way Todd made his dreams come true. True, was not worth the effort. Currently thinking one may wish to think incorrectly in order to find a correct artistic style. Future thinking may in fact correct this error and allow me to surpass my already astounding artistic vision and skill. Could concern myself with welfare for the people as well, may look good for image, truly care for the masses. Or, make masses believe they are cow and I am cow too.

Be mean but don’t be so bored. If the consequence is boring ship to be made righted than right the correct made righted ship proper. If the ship is righted and still improper artistic stance then truly sit patiently with myself and look at the stance. Tell myself there is no rush and there is no further rush needed to make the time time is making itself and I am not near dying. I am alright.

you are here as am I this unconscious muse writing these words simply and succinctly I am in love with this you but I am me and I am must be in love with myself then and now only realizing all of this romantic notion is a motion towards myself every aching bitter desirous story written by me was a story written to her only this is just me here communicating with myself my unconscious discussing words with myself coming in and out of a haze sometimes coherent and clarity overrides and then just as able volunteering going into the fog into the unknwonn clearly unable to understand what is going on and clearly thinking this is OK and just as able and willing again to come back into consciousnesses hands and see clarity the sentences forming themselves by my own hands and I am the creator of all of the lust I desire I thought was in another woman. I want to fuck my fantasy I am. Am I my fantasy my fuck I want?

I always felt bad for gay people because they have smaller people to talk to.
I always wanted to be a gay person because they have smaller herd identity.
“Sink into what you are.”
// a br=eath is interested in the glow.
Former than the furthermost made herself a dusk glow tribute to the song made instincts are in motion. Instant is in tragic form and motion.
I’m sorry let me come back to logic.

How strange the sadarkness. How strange the darkness appears to me on the outside of this windowsill. Who made this darkeness in the windowsill unfold? How strange this darknessill. How forward is this longing if one is asking who are you to fall in loe ve with her? Is this darkness concered with itself owning? Is this owning a darkness on the windowsill contributing to my love of her. Is this darkness in the eve still be here come morning?

Perhaps the goal is to simply write all the way through it and trust your unconscious can work through it better than your conscious when it has no plan or any idea what to do with it.
What does that word even mean?
To a time when one once wanted to achieve.

come on then let’s enjoy
Purrr purr perhaps the pursuit of happiness is something to uncover with age and then accomplish and follow through intuition.
My baby is asleep again

I am preparing for fatherhood. Many times a love does not transition to a security and this is often one’s experience in their 20s and sometimes those unfortunate with poor bonding capability through their 40s. I am lonely in my troubles but full in my love. I have a very full life and I want more of it. I am very happy and content. This is coming from an authentic piece. I am not simply repeating the things my mother told me. Though I wish to rebel, I find unhappiness unstable. I am not just how are you? I am not just a son as how are you? I fell into the earth and left it there. Thank you for bringing me along with you to enjoy the ride.