You are currently viewing CROW/WATER by MIKA


memphis crows eat well
relaxing under the black sun
crowning metro
torrented blood in a canyon
of obelisks of shrines of idols of worship
to nothing making the dirt bubble
someday the sun’s going to condense
into six miles and crush
our flesh into equations, who cares

feasting murder
circling another “senseless
tragedy” to feed––they’re all the
same meat anyways
no victim/perpetrator distinction
beaks like flechettes against bone

even death in hi-def is trivial
perceptions off-kilter
gorge on the ultraviolence
because we’re ultrahuman
only demons kill of course
no matter that everybody’s got a demon
raking their insides

another day another AR-15 with teen blood
on its barrel, oh well

so fuck it
get cozy with the 5.56mm and
revel in the terrorism as CIA agents
hand out business cards as Professional Instigators
browse liveleak for drone footage of Hellfires
lighting up in piercing white glow
like spreading out clean sheets
the crows are swallowing up the chemtrails
beheaded dogs walked in circles
by aluminum homunculi
goremaws squeezing out ribboned muscle everywhere
mops in hand headless janitors follow behind
girls of the flock lay their eggs in custodial neck cavity
of jutting wires & copper mess but
no one picks up the dog shit that’s nature’s job
it just rots against pseudo-soil

an air conditioner whirrs menacingly
keep the world from a boil
pry the sky apart until we need
more and more and more and more
consuming and immense whine
of mini-weather machines
startling the crows to dye the glass clouds

sweet tune of
all-american corporate excess
sludge splashing in harmony
at some point the mexican gulf will come to collect

causing ember-lit skeletons fleeing
ocean heaving a vomit tumescent
with shark skulls rushing along
concrete meadows and iron trees
scorched asphalt bodies washed like dust
congealed clumps sticky to the gutter edge
boots begin to drip with feathers
elation in crow throat as black scatters
watching from the last grassy hilltops–
corvids at the peak now
–as plantations turn to
whale graveyards

the maypop flowers are blooming and reeking
of cauterization they always do
smirk cracking the statue’d beak
it’s comforting to smile when you see pretty things
us memphis crows keep eating well