You are currently viewing CULT OF PROSTHETIC LIMBS by Heath Ison


An orgiastic plethora of blinded intoxication. Fish out of water, suffocating in a masochistic dance. These are the occupants of Black Box. A place which can only be described, structurally, as how it sounds: it is a box, it is black.

The planet ends when one meets the walls, embedded with neon circuity fueling its energy. There is not a top surface on Black Box. The sky is exposed and the sky is always black due to the death of a sun. This phenomenon, the sun to ashes, happened on a day when time was realized and defaced.  Its hand dismembered and tossed down a rancid pit. The circuitry is the only source of light.

With the destruction of time, many believed this to be a revelation. That the truth would finally surface and the simulacra of order would be exposed to its primordial cause: chaos.

An anachronistic fluid daydream. A field of flopping fornicating fish whose eyes bulge from their sockets yet they can not see. They are dying a plead for breath.

When the disembowelment of the goddess sets the stage, dozens of cocks and cunts are amusing themselves to the blood of melody.

The goddess’ birth name was Amata Unus. But under royalty and eventual deification she had now been referred to as Magna Cunnus for a many of decades now.

Magna Cunnus was a pornography actress in the HOLO-Alpha Era. She had starred in many HOLO and VHS films for the past thirteen decades. She was 157 years old. Her cunt was frigid and had been replaced with plastic and nano technology—always under 24 hour surveillance of The Unseen One.

The nano technology was developed by none other than VERUM TECH, that—and everyone knew—were in the back pockets of the ever so omnipresent pharmaceutical leviathan, TETRAGRAMMATON INC.

Beneath Magna Cunnus’ feet laid upon the stage a media format known as VHS, or “tapes”. These artifacts were atoned as the upmost holy before any disembowelment of an iconic deity. The most elite VHS tapes were preserved in Black Box’s Historic Museum.

As a god/goddess was approaching near death, it was an honor and tradition to commit a public suicide to exhibit your humbleness to your fans and humanity in general.

And so it began. Magna Cunnus picked up the 9-inch sacramental dagger and stabbed herself in her belly. She kept stabbing herself. Over and over again. The crowd cheered. Blood spurted on the VHS tapes like a horse cumming and galloping.

The citizens of Black Box commuted in a static of psychobabble. Tongues twisting and slobbering on the cold blackness of the ground which underneath could be seen blue/red/purple neon circuitry. They knelt and ravaged and fucked and sang to the sky. So numb, so restless. So many truths spitting onto the unscathed layers of Black Box. No god could be possible without them…

Their eyelids unstable—uncertain.

Welcome to Black Box, yesteryear’s modern dystopia. We are all living there and not in a way which can be defined in whatever present.

An indispensable form of the tongue for a new linguistic system of language with “clicks” and “sucks” in which only the new gods can understand. The symmetry of the cacophony of tongues were uncanny into the deepest of undead symbols.  

Her films came crashing into her mind like a collage as she bled out. So many things… so many… The cocks and cunts and truths and lies and counterfeit deception. The HOLO-Alpha era was dead. She felt she had died even before then after the revival and then again death of the VHS format. Pornography had replaced all film genres and the only acting to be done was fucking.

Death/lust submerged into the darkness of filth. She was dying… she was dying and she loved it…

To see the residents of Black Box as they are, one final time, dancing the dance of the serpent to her final breath was the ultimate orgasm. She came, the liquid death dripping down between her thighs. She truly was a goddess at this point and an honest one at that. Humanity’s mirror. There was no stopping her.

I saw it all. I wrote it all down, these exploits. I had been writing down my odysseys through Black Box for quite some time now, trying to uncover something… whatever that is.