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Deer Park IV by Dale Brett



Open green space shrouded in a fine layer of mist.

A park? Or a myth?

An odd narrative.

Flashes of colour blur-bleed into a post-modern anachronism.

Ancient flavours burst into iridescent crystal flames.

Maroon and emerald lights anneal themselves into a likeness.

The new prism is raped by refracted lights.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Deer watch from an obscured stone lantern doorway. The lanterns are encrusted in moss, the stone surface embalmed and preserved somewhere inside.

Muffled sound from the entrance.

Deft hooves gently drag across moist gravel.


Faces of animals stuck in an endless feedback loop. A distinct mixture of grainy greys. Like footage from a shopping mall security camera.

One deer bends down to eat, [H]aptic glitch as it chews and attempts to swallow. It can never eat.

The footage won’t allow it. It is a prisoner of the scene.

Another deer stands nearby, it looks on pensively as its companion struggles to digest any of the vegetation plucked from the plentiful surface of this earth. Its gaze only severed by the static and [H]aptic glitch that plagues this isolated moment.

An eroded line of thought / A clear temporal demarcation.

This is the non-linear stare that will puncture the eternal Void’s existence.

Its deliberate and inevitable initiation.

The messengers of the Gods here are expressed in raw and untranslated form. To be deciphered by those who are hurled into their realm.

Pulsing tactile hallucinations shake the snow globe that is inhabited by the prone quivering creatures.

To leave is to merely enter through another simulated doorway.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Lantern entry looms.

The air that surrounds it thick, choked with the heaviness of dark mirrors mired in reflections of a stagnant constellation.

Glitching deer slowly become indistinct as the image engulfs them, dwarves them, obliterates them – until they fade into a mere imprint of the rendered scene they made up before. Flickering like an old television turned off suddenly, the final image branded into the screen in blinding white before it disappears just as quickly as it appeared.

The scene has no sound no ambient noise no chants no drumming no sutras – only silence.


The silence

rips out

the core of





Scattering it


a thousand

small particles.

Each as sharp as a roughly cut nail. Piercing the ever-present image of the primordial entryway to the domain of the deer-gods.

Entryway demands attention.

Fixation manifesting a luminous third eye. An eye forever trained on the stone lantern columns that rise high in the sky.

Road of gravel.

Coarse underfoot.

A room full of




Each one an exact replica of the last.


Celestial body of water.


A four-legged beast with antlers



in the shallows.


The water as shallow as your labored breathing as you watch.

Something sticky on the lanterns as you brush them while stumbling past.

Discharged pheromones released into the amber room.

Tender lesions.

We are no longer alone in our quest to quench our undeniable thirst.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Water steadily drips onto the non-vascular covered lanterns. Dense green cushions soak up the effervescent nutrients.

A requirement to exist.

The dull colour of the lanterns further blunted by the cascading shadows that envelop them. Thin slithers of moonlight segment them into fractured parts of a whole.

A ruptured obelisk stands nearby. Awaiting re-erection that will never arrive. Deer messengers of the Gods unwilling to yield to such requests. [H]aptic glitch reverberates around the chamber thus signalling the Void’s imminent arrival.

Set of stairs to an overhanging pavilion emerge in the damp light, desiccated ferns and vines erupt from stone fissures. Lattices of emerald pigments streak the ceiling of the dark vault, undulating from the reflection of an ornamental pond.


Hidden insignia / scrambled circuits.


Fish speak.


Panorama of charred debris stray the ground of a decimated chamber.

A medium vulnerable to the passage of time.

Structures abutted by trellises that have no common form.

Fractured light violating the ebb of dark water.

Fish walk on water.

Upend and uproot time. Holographic swimming patterns random but orderly. Like watching wind chimes.

Rustling murmur. Pressed deeper into the labyrinth. Forge through decrepit hydrangeas – a feeling of being here before.

A feeling nothing short of despair.


Short bursts of curdled animal breath puncture the air. Larger creatures than walking speaking stuttering fish enclosed in the subterranean vault. A flicker of fear that the unknown, but deeply known, provokes.


Steps prevented. Feet swathed in sickly green microscopic organisms. Fidgeting and fucking the bare skin encountered. Weeds nearby watch a mass copulation of amoebas as the green cells adhere to follicles tightly.


Enveloped limbs scream in silence.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Visions of a lusterless golden gong.

Pronounced failure to gather and retract light. Light not repelled nor consumed. Permanent disruption of the principles of radiant energy.

A null zone.

The messengers call this the deathly March. Guided by the drumbeat of the Void’s pulse. The Void’s heart.

Message from the underworld shared and sent with the occupied as vibraphone meet bones.


Tense and wet / Always alone.


Mountain melts, fog dissolves.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Gentle lapping of water as nocturnal music for solitary vigils.

Palm lines used for direction in lieu of a sign.

Refined contours, articulate vertices. Dead tissue, visceral juxtaposition.

Pursuit of a dream in a literal mountain of consciousness.


This is the universe at human scale. At war with the laws that govern this place. This zone. This abyss. The Void shakes violently with every attempt to proceed further down the corridor. Sopping green appendages leak phosphorus minerals into the night sky. Bolts of radiant light cascade from hardened arteries. Poison vapors deny the coarse air purity. Messengers of the Gods loathe to allow access to the divine.


Fish spawn limbs.


Fish manifest lungs.


Scaled never-beings heft mutated bodies over stained floors.


Gravity defied / Gravity not the same.


Your feet swarmed by salubrious entities. Body utterly exhumed. Small grayish dots of opacities tarnish their eyes. Trail of desolate roe leads the way.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Roe acknowledged, roe hard to ignore.

Desecrated eggs never knowing the feeling of fulfillment.

Trail of unfertilised internal masses fully ripe. Ineffable symbols carved out of raw embryos convey a deeper knowledge to the observer.

Reptilian brain recognition.

Lack of ability to place nor comprehend the message, but these abstract shapes spark a definite presence felt within.

Shapes in roe, shadows on lanterns.


Light hovers

over dense pond air.


The bioluminescent



of a post-apocalyptic rave party.


Press enter

to disappear



~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Lessons in finding, lessons in love. Torrents of coruscation gushing below above around adjacent parallel.

The symbols light a path.

Follow signs of the flood.

Sparkling virtuosity a forceful guide to the predetermined destination.


Burning ley lines vibrate the realm. Crystal lattices waver then shatter. Splinters of glass refracted lead the way to the Concealment.


Beyond the Concealment, a pregnant mound juts from the wall. The Ambassador awaits like a hibernating cicada.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Something shifts in time. Holographic reflections portray a split planet. Ambassador released from Concealment. Like wolves mediating a trophic cascade. This Apex predator is about to indirectly alter the landscape.

Mouth opens wide. Sac of eggs inside the maw. A tiny version of the Ambassador residing in each shiny orb.


Each version unique / each version not the same.


Some yawn / some just roar.


One has three eyes and sucks on the remains of errant fish bones.


Transparent orbs expelled in a hushed sigh. Swarm of spheres projected into the Void’s atmosphere like glistening pearls.


Wings of Pearl’s beating. Ambassador humonculi enclosed. Pearls collide, diffuse by osmosis. A concentrated solution of silvery, withering humanoids coalesce.


Messengers of the Gods present. Communicate what they want you to know. Withering extracted Ambassador orbs expunged entirely. Replicator now shudders. Replicator retches. [H]aptic glitch as ancient flesh disintegrates. Converted into sand on which creatures walk.

~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Crawl across the surface. Been crawling across it for awhile.


Ambassador acquits air. Mournful lung cycles subsist. The husk of a Siamese twin. Flesh dried over a rusty coat hanger. Whose gotta life to spare?


Explanations of the myth. Articulate murmurations. Language outlines why you are here. Resemblance of words, of sentences drift in and out of focus. Jagged and deformed punctuation ruptures the air.


Dustpit residue reprise. Particles of the husk mutate fragmented sentences. Verse taunted by opacity. Clearly a message, without the ability to be understood.


Remnants of the Ambassador urging you to live, urging you to learn. The Messengers of the Gods using dried skin follicles as vessels.

Inhale buckskin / exhale earth.

Ruminant hooded mammals take you in.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Corridor necessarily infused with phosphorene.

Syllables tenuously affixed to the subfloor.

Indigo rhododendron tendrils extend.

Words grasped from the nexus keep parasites at bay within.


Reflected moonlight takes a nibble of torso. Process of meticulous small bites. Mandible movements timed to perfection. Solid matter eroded sequentially. Light and sound seize the moment. [H]aptic glitch captures the Void’s transmigration.


Transformation predicated on forlorn obelisks. Long suffering lines of roe emit noxious sighs. Semiotic hallucinations orderly enough to be pre-cognitive. Remanent Ambassador particles form a unique oneiric vision.


~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~


Gaseous stratocumulus clad the pre-emptive sky.

Atmosphere in stasis bequeaths an astral moraine.

Billions of years of transformation swallow the most itinerant observers.

Unwitting participants satisfy the death-drive of the divine.


Infuse the air with blackstrap molasses.

Miasma of thickened dust.

Visions of a ripe split moon blunted by the luster of a revenant sky.

Vapor soaked wanderers corrupted by the ebbs of deep time.


Crescents etched into faces / shapes burnt into eyes.

Hard enough strain to create a hole.

Manifest distant tremulous lines.

Inner ruminations unfold the ruined map of the Void’s perverse light.


Welcome to Deer Park.