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Disintegrating Links by Xenolalia


Sweat smell like brass,
plastic or burnt oil.
More machine than man,
Woman or child, no Lifeboats
Line crossed like tight ropes or slit throats.
Racked M70 like Iraqi or
Lebanese, rock lock mag empty tritium lighting green
sand in eroded wood grips
senses also eroded, no shit.
The feast lasts 10 hours like
before, like forefathers’ and
theirs. The rest lasts only a
split second, like the moment
the .44 fathers a copper shell,
w/ force enough to cut a cop
in half
Divided in 2 like a thin blue


Cells expand, and recruit
Billy got a blunderbuss, Sally
got a switchblade & wrist
cuts covered up with BDU cut
bootleg Digi-Flora. Fauna got
the bullet.

Stuffed mag in the usp, let
loose like truancy
God’s a bitch with a wrist
that point true like
Aim dumb, clap stupidly.
Grenades at the Phantom.
You can’t serve Father and

Links disintegrated like MG belts or friendships.
3 round burst or wireguide.
60 billion years speed mach 5 into suicide.