You are currently viewing Error Body Stalled in Void by Jarid McCarthy

Error Body Stalled in Void by Jarid McCarthy


Here the sound of windrush               

garments flapping unmoving .


Slick granite unreal below the structure           

this decal abyssal : its failure .


My ragdoll lock : my blinking features .


See the effort of me piling      

up : see the mechanism at its limit .


The field wrong from this angle : lacking what .

Loss of dreams of stamina wheel not reeling .


Burning liminal : a shadow of a hinge :

a hallway unfinished in the medical complex .


The light on your back a texture away .


Level ending not with sound but glaze

but image of prophecy : untouchable shoulder-


blade you see in moonlight : my distant

stunted breath : waxing clippedout gesture .


Here a strange sky I only crane toward .



Holding ground : clatter : the false pitch

the warriors bricking up the river mouth .


What trajectories we make and fail .


What longing gazes we misread

as othering wither . Not beholden .


That tinned warsong you sing on loop .



Re-attempt come morning : make

a rite of the autofollow : your form non lateral


your form expanding out of bounds

form pearlescent form legless in the algae lamp .


Blue ending in which your body dissolves .


Sea of primal flesh : flesh of departure .

A heartbeat twice .  A blink trigger .


Simulated dawn rising to meet you even now .


Between us history pulled too taut : echo

of echo : the dream in which my movements are yours .


Yours dialed down to nothing in me .



Out there a question of remains .


This road where a motorbike careened through brush .

Late night sounds of collision : alarm light luminous .


Sleepers not : injuries counted damages marked with pen .


Lost object : the rider’s fracture darkening against description :

roadside loop of shrine and groundskeep . Paint on bloodcurb .



What puzzles minds not

has no determined song no oblivion :


load and reload : file compromised

by weight and wear . The World upright as omen .


The combat green driven snowless .



What ruins flees

is unmoving in its wounds .


The field a reaming in the body graphic

: armor null tone null shader flickering .


You empty of color

details running free : toxic lake stuttering


through the midnight spawn .

Queen of Night : the horde dead drawn drinking .


Footfalls and hooves striking aluminum .

Downed line : hazard latent and primeval :


the metabolizing ground spilling heat

loosening grip on the coin .


The warring thing not driven by any map pulled solely

by the sleep of me . Engine spiralling racket : tearing loose .



Not what is held but what I render fruitless with my suffering .

My suffering rendered as desert light : ghost codes twinning in the urge .


Out there a need to know deep down . Out there a ringing

in the ears of plenty : the way a sob scatters at the break


the only point of contact remaining . Open mouth to neon gale

one eye shut by an index : erasure and answer : glint .


Burst open the dialogue : find a landscape shivering .