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False Dawn by Garett Strickland

THE NIGHT BEFORE it blacks us out,     that not knowing     where we come from     and this enough for us to say     MOTHER     the sound of our dying     the maelstrom of our information     and the flutter     of a moth     escaping from a drain     in the dream we told somebody     somewhere     on a page     digital or burning     on a screen     or hidden in punctuation     as our tongue turns over     to let out our mouth

so much for the memory illusive that bites     to remind us     of the palace’s shape     a beach in the woods that we put there     beyond quantum     standing at the bottom     of what gave rise to a .wav file     staring up as the snow in reverse     of this bonfyre    and taking to it     like a building blooming up again and again     with this bridegroom

the way the garden of this place reaching thru to touch us as our touching     is the veiling to the veil itself in pure verb     flashes golden     how Parcival is in the Wall     of what’s showing at the midnight matinee     when innocence is love of sin     the occlusion at the center of the mountain     and its noise

how in the Electric Smoke That Speaks In Whispers we’ve time after time to relearn the eternity this takes us as the word      T      I      M      E      itself spreading for us in the grain      of the photo of a boat where our cellphones go to heaven and their pictures recounted aloud

where the hurt we do another in a story does to us its telling in attrition      all the times it does that makes us in this cloud      the good acts      loving-kindness thru the cracks      that seals them      back up      from the murk and silt      of a thousand lakes      to return us to our apex peak

The crying of that which never got a chance and destroyed all else      that arrives us      the horse we aboard      the space between space in the rhythm of the voice that we swam thru      the lethal protection of knowing where we are      released or resurrected      the pill we swallowed coughed out and dissolving in the dispersal of a scene that nailed its take      the romance gotten out of in the memory unmoored      surpassing referent      or the object of vacancy

Nothing but jump from planet to lost Gospel      the vehicle that drives just fine without our intervention we can walk with at a distance manifested      safe haven     within and brick by brick with the well-wishing of anonymous generous strangers from data unto dust      off the mechanism in the ignition of the spark in the thought of its lever we pull again in the soaring of a cave story

is being burning variable      that real time constellates the certainty of ordering      the living firmament our breath into sets with the lance of our minds tipped of SIGNIFYRE seals with a bleeding kiss of sides uniting      in the Platonic conglomerate      before the rose & cross we ate from      the madness we take to the streets with in the glory of this silence, feeling life across in a bridge who rings across a gorge as in the unity of matter embraced surpassed the vanquishing & deliverance retwinned      cassette rewound      the Lord of [      ]      in vast orchards transversed that have divined the spot in which we stand and shutter vanished frame by frame      in the recounting of names      and their meshing

The gift we can say      like a good ordealist what it stood for      in the scribing of the other to its anthem      the tablet gives rise to its own effacement      and we its operators      ELEVATOR ELEVATOR ELEVATOR      in what an angel might convert

Everything is like and uh yes is honest cannot be revoked is part and parcel of our going      dignity & dementia & the linkage of signs

The yearning after that prime center of our body moving itself in the space it makes for itself in passage thru      Here come the planes      and the thick darkness that covers our face breathed it all into its very own self and off it goes into sunset like the signal of a satellite that’s just learned how to knit

glad of that the scoping the endurance the assurance of sense the taking in of All Of It      the fables & the cat videos      the thicc walls of wives of the cruelties and devastations we’ve reeked that we’ve harvested into completion in the phasing self unto self as we sit on a train and are thru the window ever-wondrous embraced by its Outside for all the strangeness of its spreading grin just so ask Alice ask      them all      how it was to struggle      to fall in love with what we’ve ever done or who said what or what we’ve been in that blender rendering it smooth and fortifying each morning upon rising

The sanctity assured in a body that has been beside us speaking kindly
Always will be
Cannot will not abandon thee
to circumstancing that is not our own in the softness we want for its sleep