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five poems by EMMACROW


come over

bulling swerves thru the sticks feeling dreamy. let’s ram. failure’ll be my epitaph lol martians. drag thru cropfield there’s plenty ghosts there they’re swaying sapphire dresses in twilight while i’m wheeling sped ivory. slip me your there tongue i’ll swallow it whole i’m a pit flickered there striking kindling in the onyx sheath of earthfall bleating soot in god’s eye. prick my neck watch it deflate. cock stumbles. first xanax age fifteen thanks doc! glory’s strife dipout nowise there i fill my tongue with white sticks. carve faces into stallwall. bitters make my eyeroll black. pennsylvania held my hand said there there dump that fucking purse right there split that gut blew ash. i’m feeling farmgoing eggpowdered. let’s makeout. daylights out. what do you want.


Crisis Lyric: Misery

pawing ugly at a futile honeycomb…

La luhla laying in
Your tattered pod
Like grizzlies
in the mush

Earthly prosperity munches dust So
everyone and me and you quits it’s nearly wicked

O my o my

A grin is where the pain gets in 


Crisis Lyric: Garden

Syrupy sundial curve mint commas
Or fangs budding can’t you see
androids of androids
seeding me

& up in the laundromat rafters
Plops green candy pinches from rivers skies

Shitty caress of potato’s breech
Crows hiking
Each of your shoulders Watch out
a powdery dive a band of meadow

Baby get this shit off of me

Crumbs from god
yeah um i’m i think heralded…
To prosper grotesque
I’m willing
or nada

The vein of the green imposter
is here to gargle you 


Telephonics Comeover as I Waft

you coulda
caught coughs off my anchorite soot back a day
before a somethin ghastly gashed
my cerebellum loomed out
purple carpets for the clotted honchos

& marvelled

& all the undead rubies
every dammed sink
calamitous vision

absolution i vom
it clipped your shoulder
a comet basted in the hunky bile
of writhing
of writhing

slicklipped vat overflowing
glistening brown like shit offa sunny
of writhing
of writhe

thrilled like eternally i’m aired thru
hellish cramps of bliss & food pomp
firesiren lungs
dancing with rifles on thin night’s

clipped your shoulder sickly
peeling surf down dice in the cauldron
loaded & vibing like you wanna
careen blown bugleweed’s careen?????

blippinch of waking

& when the lastly swoops me
when diamond
tumble outta pupil

scrap this for meatmarket
hum it to the wolves
spackle my stink
with lime

trust me trust me i don’t mind 


ticking thru the sunoco

flagrancy whiff fluorescence chap my spine. lead pipe glare coughs on the bulletproof. airhorn smile. woof splat belch. ovenpalmed the revolver’s door churn churn i neongush crimson from the knuckle top my lip. i pearl leopardspots. a scamgod cranked gas into my cardiac gallop curl snatch some sugar soap the wrinkles off that brain. every tether’ll die inside me. every tether’ll soon die inside. swipe my plastic sternum. you float. my yarn’s spun done no halfmast on my behalf thanks. curlers in the cashier’s hair it’s pennsylvania i sink. plaster jewels weary neck. pornstars are smarter than doctors. strutting tree dethrones the billboard. snapping film over adrenaline knee a thumping churchclasp a pool for all my shimmering failures. no sponge nor fbi nor virus could shut it. i flick my wrists flagrantly kiss molotov’s cheek. i peel the smokestacks from my ears tsunamis bustle in inside your sunoco i hurl kegs. luscious full of dogs. i really goddamn yearn you but no halfmast really cumber ticker can’t hold you this firework this forty these cathinones.