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Published: 2021-09-18 Words: 990




by earlymusicmaniac



A malathelemic self-insert GeorgeNotFound hardsmut prophecyfic revealed over a four-day-period before, during, and after George’s haircut livestream.



ill be the one cutting his hair. with a brutal razor. he will be bald. i will be unforgiving. he will be in ropes too. in a uranian temple. he’ll be filthy with sigils and sore w/ angels names. i will cut into his scalpflesh as i shall into his hair. his hair will be an offering.


it will be so humiliating. all of you watching. i shall palm his naked head full of cuts. im so careless. i will leave him in the uranian temple. and take his hair into a basket. there will be a jackal waiting outside. and a red light will shine across the horizon. [walking into]


Temple on / curve / of salt. // Orate under nigredo / of scorpio. // your virgin / he came in / sigilled the bruises / &smelled so much like sulfur. // i know what he was up to. // really? / across the shoulderblade? // tonguefuck the palm of a saint. // My father was dictator. / so yea, i’ll dictate.



virgins reclined. / throat out / thrown back / &hair in emperor waters. // I’m emperor. // and fingers of sultans / across ur scalp like girlish guerillas. // hold fast. / ur head’s a // 7 of cups. // Venus in scorpio / (wet) / Netzach of briah / (so wet.) // Emperor / fingerfucks the salt of ur daleth lips. // you’re pink with sulfur. // (so pink) // mercury cumshot: // do u spit / or crucify? // inside / &out.



[razor buzz // &raw w/ blade. // you’ll take it. / The scalpwounds / the terrorists. // i’ll make u touch / with jaw.] // In the temple / He came. / I stood. / I shot. / He staggered. // that Anubis! / and fell / to the ground. // A bullet’s / the girl / who wants / everything. // here / this dune / of salt / &scarab. // yr body / a pallor / offer / in ropes. // He’ll sustain / the sigils / of bruises / and mystery lashes. // cults contuse. // Don’t worry. // He’s been filthy / for so / much / longer.



you’ve got / Venuses / in yr Scorpio. // so good at the pulling out / of blades. // And i / your whore / who pushes / and pushes / and pushes. // Bloodstone / gagged / for too long. // Did you know spit gets stale / in yr mouth like that? // I won’t stop. // I’ll spread the boy / &his lily limbs. / leave him renamed // &a bed of chalices&too-much-water.



[walking into] horizonwards. i shall. the basket of george’s hair. the red light of Mars. Gevurah (Severity). Pachad (Fear). Atu XVI. The Tower. is burning and collapsed. Samael (God’s venom) will not reveal to me what is further therebeyond. i know nothing. but jackal knows the uranian temple. the boy in ropes i razored bald & utterly naked. everyone watching. so humiliating.


[jackal knows] the temple floor is rough. it hurts to kneel like this. all naked & tied up. but he cant move. the more he moves the more his knees dig in. the uncut garnets. the golden thumbtacks. the pentagon sulfur. and he’s bleeding at the knees. he will be left there. foodless. bare. and kneeled on his own blood &grit. he is also gagged. and his spit becomes to taste like smth that isn’t spit. and the moon shall wax. &all of you will be watching. so humiliating. and the moon shall wane. &so will he.



take it personally. / God’s eye // and the horizon’s hot red mouth. // kiss jackal / &down the desert of salt: / It’s all warfire from here. // the boy / was a Princess of Cups. // and Babylon wants his hair. // (and I jus wanted / him like that. // bald. / cut. / &unbeautied.) // Babylon! / that little girlboy / whore. // so degraded / to malkuth / &back to Binah. // It’s all Towers / 4u / inside&out. // Shiva in bed / (dances on bodies) / inside&out / boy in ropes. // destroyer / destroyed.



God breathes / on the boy’s neck / from behind. // Emperor / on hardly-an-empress. // wet cuz / too many venuses / in his / paletight scorpio. // degrades him from 6 / to 7. // It’s all water in here. // and I’ll drown him. // and she doesn’t care whether / he likes it / or not. // vult / quid / vult. // I’ll drown him. // Ms. Delirium Tremens– // her mode is poison / her goal madness. // &he’s a boy / &venus after venus… // earth churned into the scorpion morass.



i prefer / to watch // the fvck / w/ Babylon. // She rides / the Beast / &swallows / ur hair / in one-woman kisses. // scabcolored mess / in the basket / in my hands / and all over / her wet altar lips. // bald boy. / minecraft youtuber. // The Beast / is Leo / &fixed / in fire. // u remember / the sulfur e-sex / w/ Dream. // She rides and / He / is ridden. // i bondage / and bruise you / templebound witness / &fall from Tiphareth (Beauty) // the sun.



that’s enough. // leave Babylon // templewards / 2watch / Pisces in the sky / instead. // post-coital beauty. // Nigredo (blackening) of / boy / all tied up in the room. // XIII. Death // Scorpio + Nun. // across the desert / for the / boyful / of ropeburn kameas // &contused w/ bodywide sigils. // my pretty / virginal vessel / of rotting fish. // u were so white / and now ur black. // look at u / on the ground. // can’t even kneel / any longer. // Mummify. / &i’ll kiss. // Burn. / &i’ll kiss too. // i don’t care. / he’s here. // it’s complete.



[jackal knows] the gag won’t be necessary. (smth took george’s voice a long time ago). but he will be gagged. i’ll want it. toothless boy. mouthful of mercury & water. he’ll bite the bloodstone if he wants to. and after jackal. the abyss of salt. babylon. and the beast. i shall reenter the uranian temple. the moon will be new. and highest. and i too. and i shall walk in. all of you watching. enrobed and enthroned. and our virgin prince. cheek on the floor. lips by my brutal razor. it’ll smell like death. it will be so humiliating.


and i will look down at the boy. angelnaked gagged sigilled baldshaved cut and bruised boy. filthiest. and everyone shall look too. his flesh given way to ropes. knees given way to garnet gold & sulfur ground. his hair the abyss & offering away. bruised inside&out. outside&in. blackened and dead. all of you watching. unforgiven and complete. so humiliating.


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