You are currently viewing HOT CIRCUIT I ㋑ by TONY X.


MOVtV raceclub “FOREST-B” [registered #: a79$] traverse  flat plane   reservoir   a tunnel w/ bats    snaking vacant coast highway ( highrises clip in/out lightstudded, clouds stickered to mirrored perimeters )  CHECKPOINT by bikini beach –– a pedestrian hit here last yr: totally headcratered   a n.wooded region feat. passive, drugged mountain lions & fake fawns  2d cutouts :::   my sound effects of slot machines & cash registers  go nightly here   thanks don b  ::::  into evening & scooby-doo horror Tør:   blank castle corridors at night. W00000m we R dreaming baby, plastic fed plant radio says (listening)  red beside abandoned hospital –– creeps watching from window: w0 w000  w000 ⁓) morning again; notified of white blur, racers slow to 34tds/mm ☁︎ glittering datalike pollution in cummy breeze (sniff briefly:: turn neon green w/ bloodshot eyes ?)  oh & there is a mood or absence or thought (or feeling) in the wooded glen, a racefan discovers, turning over logs & stones––– 67tds/mm   99tds/mm  101tds/mm     team slows–––bright suburban streets lightwarped    and there is only so much in time, one thinks of, one is watching   a certain way of using sidewalks (in this afternoon of general love)

convenience stores   public schools  (flowers in windows)  unreal lawns w/ radical slopes  –– dreamz BobbyXSA, racefan [registered as monetary supporter of “M-PRIZATION” [MOVtV raceclub registration #: t94&] through whose org. local boy Teddy Talentino achieved the heights of prestige & privilege. TT, as he is often referred to as, remains, after 3+ yrs, the talk of our little sunblighted community of children –– going home   following FOOD HALL   (community activities, feedings, rumors from God)   slipping narrow pathway black paveway _____ autumn forest     in tangle of,  various adolescents in black linen robes patchladen  ( [white] werewolf ~  skull house ~  pink-lipped cave  ~  dracula w/ green ? on forehead ~  [blue] werewolf ) denoting allegiance to glorious & honorable computer cults    blue and yellow pills scatter  ( like flag of SW3D3Nx or some hell or lonely avenue )  and kind of lying together  writhe blackworms   smoking ptxb in an 0-like arrangement   energy drinks spill, sizzle   slip over leaves in patriotic streams & waterfalls     autumn forest honey smelling crows ranch over druggy online children    i am leaving now, one says dying sweetly       thats ok go now i love you

≠≠ a back door open in hometown of Tomie Lake, “TV queen of rapprochement”   middleaged serial killer with smeared face enters black hole behind pink asbestos-sided house –––  all things go away from me mom –– from dying neighbor’s window, “my sunkist dream”: black slug wobbling into pig rearly. fulfilling somophecy, releasing demon dogs (Inheritor of American Interior) from mexican cages run away and kill them all   under an enormous scarlike sunset  ––am I right with us? I mean are we OK,   or was there somewhere else we were supposed to go, the heavy object at the bottom of the lake I know to be alive     we saw it open eyes at me & my father were out there after the one mass killing that scared everyone and made them    cum so much harder [ go see that one movie w/ O-lo Luby about a pair of lakes      possessed by a goblin that weeps in a candlelit cave in the center of the earth ⁓ lakes turn green ⁓ kids cry, one suffers . . . lake is red (bubbling) at movie’s resolution –– jugs of cyanide released into lake    suck on it  *??????* ] we would kill, i mean kiss, to be here again one day, my beloved & so strangely doomed isle of lighthouses   ___        

  clip art chain   HER ROYAL™ free-to-plays (for mom)   the only place better than mcdnals: my insidious boulevards: the strange paths i take online to find images that might  line me up again  (a cyberdevil black rabbit attacking masses of ants)  my heart grew large and cold upon her soulless island of marble >  information tailored for your interests: the computer generated bear tearing up nonbelievers in the screensaver that played in digital Thulos churches (shut down 2 yrs ago under fed. ordinance 12-879gf):  unfortunately    MORE NON-RACING NEWS based on YOUR  interests    The toadies, a noted group of house destroyers, renters and wreckers of government apartments, totally wiped out 78 years ago today, that also being, it says here, the birth date of Alice Foley, creator of deo-nueovo music. Happy Birthday, Alice Foley          a commercial of ham being eaten by child under a gray moon –– ripping hunks off, he slimes hands & face  wearing a shirt with a pill on it –– money shown in split-screen,  stuffed down a dry toilet with a filthy pole   this is not who you are not really  not ––––  .099$ hamsteaks   .098$ blutterhams  .097$ beansteaks    & more at PRICES  /////   everyone so alive tonight   the evening of our great race