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Lovers Between A.T. Fields by Damien Ark

I. For Sarah Connor

you clenched your fingers
against a tarnished fence
bathed in glowing sweat
you were eviscerated
skin turns to ashes
and a war rages
inside of your fragile bones
cold silver metal fingers
split apart your sons heart
do you recall
having sex with binoculars
as a yellow bus continued to flip
across the golden gate bridge
melt inside of my mouth
plant your microchip into my eye sockets
shotgun shells absorbed
his liquid hardware always morphing
into a marbled floor
or through a prison gate
experimental killing machine with dangerous precision
with no facial expression
a mother caresses her son and bites her lip
as a bullet digs into her hip
a river of entrails is also
a river of light
brooding a path to a universal rot
used condoms
tossed onto nuclear warheads
platinum knives
doused with semen
under the debris and spattered computer parts
your granddaughter is born and named after you
beneath the rubble
of flattened skulls
and above clouds
of black smog
your name is chanted
like a primordial prayer
and soon enough
the machines will know
only your name



II. Pray With Me (For Kaworu Nagisa)

blood tyrants splintering into the ocean
their mechanical wings coiled with razor wire
glistening melanite spine exposed & melting with toxic AT fields
five trillion ton intestinal tubes disemboweled
with spears piercing at superluminal rates
and then every last soul fades beneath the universe
collapse, dissolve, fulminates
the sound of a cellos strings being scraped
with shattered slabs from a sinking cathedral
of trumpets blaring out the final cacophonous dirge
the sky tilts its head, opens the cut
milky white-velvet sky pouring down on us
sink this planet into an ocean of cerebral fluid & synthetic blood
everything has fucked off now
& the incantation only screams louder
through the decimated concrete roads that we travel
the ocean is a metal cage or something like
heavens pet cemetery
where satellites and the like crash onto
plastic islands of electronic waste
diamond kingdoms of asphalt and dismembered children
all of the concrete towers exploding into feathery ash
showering us in coal carbon cancers
my albino lover and i whisper medieval cantorials
inside of a half-flooded dome
the maudlin waves of bible pages gluing themselves to the mold on the walls
i tell him, ‘this is where i was born & now it’s nothing more than
a void of mangled corpses littered with bullets’
they had set the altar to corrupt the ether
sealing the fourteenth impact within ramiel’s resurrection
outside, hymns glitched and distorted cracking through storm sirens
another ritual begins, i shut my eyes, see G-d through a keyhole
and feel the supernova inside of him penetrating my skeleton
feel that i could forever nod in his arms when he holds me
squinting my eyes to the sight of my hometown being eradicated and
erased from off the map if a map even exists anymore
he traces one over my back as we rest naked in the forest
his hands imitating the water dripping from the leaves
brushing the remnants of oxy off of my bruised upper lips
we watched as the extermination crew puked a sea of flames
onto survivors, they had spotted us but passed us by
even with note of who we were & then they went on to
swallow what’s left of mother nature’s raped womb
i’m constantly convulsing without your touch
or is it hunger, i think to myself
as you peel off the skin of an angel
we had sex for the first time in months
in a park where bodies hung from flag poles
and rotten flesh had been nailed to metal slides and creaking swings
i swallowed your cum as i saw thirty warheads
had been fired into the sky opposite of our direction
couldn’t concentrate on fucking you when all i could imagine
were the starving children blown into pieces across the planet
what gives us the right to fuck each other when
everything is dead and we’re living inside of a carcass
sometimes when i’m gazing at the explosions from heaven
i swear i can hear the sound of distant trains
or my mother whispering something cold in my ear
but it’s just what you do to me
brushing pale fingers through my hair and humming
my favorite songs that i used to play on my walkman
and i wonder when it’ll be enough to save me