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Scalez 2717 by MIKA

half-lived girl, scaled curiosity decaying under sand / wesley swift’s fused radioactive green sand! the sinner actualized in split atoms beginning with spine / great periods of silence. except for winds with no flesh to flay. breath of anthrax two times removed. not allowed to become imprint on brick / not allowed to have ribcage dusted / not allowed to have memory disintegrated against a scabbed over-expanse of particles forming / crumbling / reforming. glowstick fluid – cyalume – leaking out of right eye. staining ground in liquid nightlights. blunted perception / eye socket turning into home for gamma mites. the inert weapon weeps charcoal – joy.


trash sea afloat / the plastic choking barracuda. humans so good at killing they do it after they’re all dead / abomination-turned. civilizations buried underneath beer cans. last remnants before they plunged beneath the Great Pacific Garbage Heap. flesh / spirits free / the world our self-actualization victim. she / lizard jacking off to collapse. sludgecum on the emerald glass of a Texas beach. we finally figured out what’s hot or not. the decrepit remains of a society hungry for more / more bodies until it needed to eat all the bodies all at once. she needs bodies, bodies in her, bodies all over her. super desire flowing out her venom glands / prove herself / to god / girlhood can be earned.


resist survival / bite the hand that dares. lizard getting fucked by one of the mites, sedan-sized / snap the vertebrate / that’s okay. he’s her boyfriend. it’s okay. he only gets rough sometimes / good fuck. post-armageddon sex the best kind. skin rooting itself underneath the dirtsand blend. sheer off limbs he licks her blood / parasite lover / soulmate / protector he is. missing the acrid stench of pulled triggers a fear in the veins passing in lurid movements. the blood is hot pink now / last surviving neon sign staining her teeth. live in the black jet the mite picks up his limbless scaly girlfriend a utopia / ridges on her breasts burnt like edges of a bullet hole. full with her blood. her belly fat with sterile eggs. bursting chest open / the mucous numbing her guts / leaving her skin hot. gorged on her euphoria.


she’s illuminati now. no scumbags left to dominate the currency fetishists. all skeletons anyhow, burning red atop the New York Desert. lizard let anyone fuck her now. open gangbang invitation to all the terrors of the world / keep the diseased from erecting temples once more. offered up freely. slaughter of her insides / letting monster nails scrape her walls. making a new hole 10 degrees left her spinal cord. pour your thick isotopes into her chest cavity too / no holds barred. Paris beautiful. fuck her with depleted uranium sabots.


procession of sharks choking on bombarded fish background of her paradise. the wastefields. they call / sing / whisper / come here let me hold you. the wind is hungry, lizard trembles. coyote in grayscale wanders Arizona sands swarming like nanomachines / a lust. another beast to satisfy. threat level maximum. mite-boyfriend finally turned to ash / maladapted scorpions reduce down to baser particles in death valley. infinite tanks roll through hellscapes. armor on ever-rewinding feedback loops. the diamond treads chewing on femurs. hatred still alive / congealing skull-fluids. embrace the half-lived state. the only cock left to suck. deep-throating the decimating / puking up herself. after a point are you even dead anymore.