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Scroll-to-Living by Mike Corrao

Body in the shape of squirming cilia. Hairs curling along spine of flagella. Hollowed columns organized in fractals.

Cenotaph to my half-formed thingness. Root-labyrinths fluctuating. Becoming-minotaure trudging corridors until they have been inside-outed. Flesh metamorphized into skin.

New caverns constructed from blood and tufts of hair. Organized in non-euclidean patterns.

Root-labyrinth unfurls. Exposure to air and dust particles damages the organism. Dimension of plains forming as crust over innards.

Fields of flattened grass and pumice. Webbed pores sanding the bottoms of your feet. Collecting data from flecks of dead skin.

Spiraling towers climb into the vacuum.

Sun is blue or yellow. Where the source curves in the same uniform arc of the surface. Soil turning under soft hues of light.

Root-labyrinth separates from its foundation. Its topography estranged from the sediment below. Becoming-minotaure moans a song of beheading.

Spiral towers unfurl the tips of fingers. Unspooling connective tissue to form a new plain. Erecting a city of short and wide palaces.

Industrialized designs. Made in the likeness of defunct machinery. Iron limbs cooled by amniotic fluid cycled through tubing.

Wizard of gore shaping the minutiae of the horizon. Virtually constructed biomes. Terrain of compression and bricabrac. Debris shadowed into mountains.

Your skin cut open to form a new mouth. Slit in surgery. Given tongue and teeth.

Scroll-to-Living crawls out of the damp places inside your skull. Through new mouth. Feeds on the scum between muscle fibres.

Scroll-to-Living conceived where the air is thin. And the gravity is weak. Made with bulbous and spherical frame. Bones built from layered marrow. Flesh draped over top like theatre curtains.

Scroll-to-Living moving with an unfamiliar locomotion. Slouching across the raised landscape. Tendrils grating mass across fields of pumice.

Scroll-to-Living built from an infected text-source. Veins written in cacographic blocks. Organs smeared and dripping.

Becoming-minotaure spawns from womb of Scroll-to-Living. Severing umbilical cord from wall of wood pulp. Burrowing into infant root-labyrinth.

Begin the tedious process of corridor-shaping. Converting text-source into something recognizable.