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Soldier Blue by Harold “Bobby” Zydeco


In the final month of my total dissolution and personal collapse, I watched the 22 episode first season of Murphy Brown. It was an important part of my transition to a different, better kind of living, replete with many new freedoms and opportunities.


After a few weeks of almost crushing pain The first episode, the pilot,  


Candace Bergen is the. I feel that decades have accents. There is a sound of the forties, a sound of the 60s My life had been a series of episodes. In one episode I was dissolute, in others a s


The first episode of Murphy Brown. It is a kind

A story is told about Miss America,


Unable to time waste I began to read manifestos, first

I work on computers that have unusual black screens that show no colors, and torture all images, freaking everything into a blur ones own


Sometime after Murphy Brown    It was in this city that all of my neighbors and coworkers became progressively more darkly eyed, like their. The first episode after Some time after Murphy Brown I had gone down below the surfaces of things, and I now live among you more discreetly, slipping along the walls.