Currently, submissions are CLOSED until further notice as we catch up on pending work and go through our massive backlog. We will make an announcement once they are back, and hopefully with a calendar to give authors a more definitive date for their submissions to be posted. is an open literary arts platform, acutely oriented toward works of spontaneous creation by self-taught artists working outside of existing literary communities and the academic system. is interested in writers working to cultivate new literary terrain. We are seeking pieces exploring the textures of dislocation, technology burn-out, and pain. To locate this material, we source content from individuals currently writing, but also––and most essentially––the public at large.

 ⁓ is seeking works of:

fiction / poetry / theory / personal essay / text-collage


Please familiarize yourself with the work featured on the site before submitting. has a special interest in works of alienation and frisson. If you are uncomfortable with irregular subject matter that, in some cases, may offend, or with literary outlets that feature work from across the political and social spectrum, kindly avoid sending your work to