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Text Message From My Father by Jared Berrien

   Can’t sleep son, been reading and was just thinking that if I could help you take that brilliant mind and reallocate all that gifting away from things of this world and into the deeper context of real spiritual things you have no idea how much you could be set free to live and live others. Anything is life first starts by decided and looking at our mind. Seeing and deciding what we think, then with that as a reference we decide what we will allow in. Today’s world is crushing with media and influence and shallowness in every possible way. There is a real Spirit realm where all things come from and are manifest, deeper knowledge and wisdom, empowering us into a place of reality where we attempt to get to with drugs, superficial beliefs and ideologies, or feelings and experiences that are temporary. For some getting high, some a fast car, some being in moral high ground, some intellectual

   stimulation and superiority… it’s all idolatry. In that sense we seek and search and look. It always come down. The bubble always bursts and we realize it’s a bust. But there is a high that transcends getting high on whatever the short term idolatry (some very short like getting wasted) can ever provide. No words can really describe it but it’s real. It freedom, there is no need to compensate for anything and from that place of wisdom there is unity because it’s from the Spirit realm. It’s real, pure, and crushes the demonic realm of confusion and division. It’s real and our Spirit and Soul feel into it past the worlds puffed up knowledge. What a man thinkers therefore he is. We cannot escape this. In the era of self motivation and neurologist programming and get rich quick shallowness of things like the “secret” there is the crumbs of yen Spirit realm and how things really work but

   twisted and demonic. Let no thing, person, idealist, ideology become altar. You’ve seen what that does and the end is shallow and unfulfilled and short term. Your brilliance was a gift from Him, you may not know that now or see it but I prophecy over you a deeper understanding that very few can ever see. You are forgiven of every thing you have ever done, you are love, you are life, you are amazing and have a destiny beyond your wildest imagination. Trust me here think on these things and allow them to enter your soul and let no man made knowledge that will scream to block them out stop you from your destiny. Your a child of a King and don’t know it yet. You have the bloodline of Glory and proof is and will manifest. You can’t stop it, you will built to be an earth shaker and changer. My Jesus loves you and that may trigger you but believe that I believe as you know I do and above all

   things am sincere. You know that I am because you are and know the pain has an answer. A real living answer. There is more, there is mind blowing revelations you will get and see things others may never know about what this life really is. You will have already seen fleeting moments of it your mind cannot bring back but know are there. It’s the Spirit of holiness and love. Go to the light. Say to your mind get I’m gonna pay attention to what I think, I have a destiny, I’m loved and am love, I am forgiven and don’t need to carry any guilt. So much I want to share, it’s so real. I’ve been studying life, thoughts, psych, religion, eastern thoughts, mans thoughts, all of it my whole life and found Truth. It’s awesome and your awesome. All of that and not high for a dozen years and as I write not feel higher than I ever did with absolute and complete pride for you and love. Nothing you can

   do to make me more proud and nothing you can do to make me less proud or love you less. Your complete right now in my eyes and I know who you are and it’s amazing. Your brilliant and these things I’m speaking of seriously watch this week some weird stuff will happen that will prove faith. There are angels, just as there are demons… but I’m sending faith and an army of love so you know who He crates you to be and that’s the son of a King who loves you so much He would die for you….. ok so that’s a lot and I went all in and shared my faith. It’s real for me. That was one long siting and a text and I’m not going back to read it. There is something in there if you get past your disbelief of my faith and just hear your father and how much he loves you and longs for your happiness and to find what I have. I love you. Thanks for forgiving me.