You are currently viewing TRANSDEFLAGRATION by MIKA





death encoded 20yrs in // the XX defined null
algorithm determined breath amount // 1/0 toss up
i was infected by girlware // i’m going to die for it

i commit insignificant big-violence in Flatland
all concepts singular here
i toss out another bissected moth into the 3D
i toss
out a dismembered cock [mine] into 1D

american brand survival
daggerknives to gorefuck my boyblood

by 27 i’ll have a fake pussy
stay execution

licking the lead from knock-off barbie crotch
scum-swallowing for extensions // pussy expiration approaching

resort to allowing the ‘dont tread on me’ snake
to fuck my plastic cunt
violated on the white house green LIVE LIVE LIVE
the USMC eagle slide my tits down its gullet
i’m a pay-per-view spectacle // violation worth 15$$$

immaterial expenditures // apathetic labors
ruin due i give // i am fucking tired. i hate you

stadium-above the neon hisses:
Custom Crosshairs For
Custom Assassinations Here

opt out of death by bullet complexities
i agree to the Execution of User Life Agreement // make it bright you fucks

flashbang scraping between teeth // death sentence
named M84 chiseled on its hexagonal shoulder // less than lethal
fortuna trapped in overwound cassette // deflagration-processed injury
my jawbone will be hanging by the hinges
take me // bang me

last words denied i shred the ceiling
‘make me the SWAT terrordump’ &
170 decibels coats across my face
glued to the gums.






killed on surface level

half-ghosted atop the ocean
plastic waste dipping thru
my jellyfish body like yellowsnake
squeezing thru crude oil membrane

wanna see a tiger shark fuck me?
i dont have a choice anyways

headsmashed & headrot & giving a barracuda head
asking that tiger fishdino freak bending me over
“am i toxic”/”am i hot”/”am i cancelled”/”am i tender”
his dick slides into abdomen
liver viscous wrapping around
the shark inside me

i wish fuckboys on their iphones
could be streaming via drone feed
my slimesoft stomach getting plowed
buy my manyvids recording of it
i am a jell-o branded cam girl

his sewagejizz punches in
inside of aorta

now i’m cumming and it feels like
formatting leadbloated
harddrive brain by knifing
the skullback. yelling no no no
nonononono no no no
i think i liked it no no noo no
please do it again no no
non n o n o n o no

i’m letting myself sink just below
i dont have a choice anyways