You are currently viewing Kept Underground by Sam Machell

Kept Underground by Sam Machell

Thumping thumping muffled thumping outside airlock the queue moves slowly thumping from the thumping from the thumping bouncer grimaced holy the thumping night the thumping air the door a thumping gateway downstairs thumping they queue and sway and sway and the drunk men thumping leer and taxi’d honk and thumping whistled wolf with lights bloomed astream through thumping vomit chunks and din road wheeze and toppling flashed they toppled the motion the thumping words in queues forgotten they smirked stretch rustled their hidden baggies sweaty knead their thumping feet with no sir thumping shoe sole asshole cavity grassed gasp flashed a creep in coat dust smell and wrinkled member rimming plastic bottle and thumping fell to the blood speckled floor the fell to the flashed the fell to the bouncer in frowning flashed old gum go on then go on for not the shoes ushered flashed the thumping skull the stairway pendulum flashed the way down through queasy thumping flashed the way down to the club flashed drowned in flashed light drink and sour thumping smell they made the thumping thumping lewd acts in shadows and banshee wails flashed the blue strobe hall with thumping jacket leather jacket squealing rodent observed cross union and organised jumping to the thumping to the thumping to the main room thumping piss stained revolution serf round dancing.

Charlotte Donnay and Marlon Doe throwing shapes and rakatak thumping fists on glass the bass rakatak ricochets the walls sweat crow fly the toilets to rakatak flashed snort the goods but damn flashed lights the fetch the rakatak fetch another drink knocked back down slipped the sticking flashed floor pulling film rakatak grime all swallowed and messed by rakatak confusion and lost each other in the rakatak gloom the crowds in motion the sound in mitosis all honey and tar and Charlotte fears the worst when rakatak teeth chattered Adam’s apple creep talons her ass and she rakatak slaps finger nail colours changed clawed out his eyes socket nerves snap rakatak and bolts bar nother drink and vomit on the walls. Both of them in shhshhhh mentality musicians for a curious project letting off shshshhh both blew well their trumpets in normal sshhshshshow. Toilet stall five with oomdoor blown off is atrophy doomhome to an Oracle oomst shits squats and oomutters prophecies to oomstever listens or blows between condensation walls the floor oomtaoom aslipper chipped teeth oom lines on the mirror oom Marlon in a stupor fumbles with fumbles with fumbles with credit cards a hand doomdown his trousers nails pulling pubes oomst’s owner whispers whispers whispers come find me oom the Oracle spraying splatter shouting STOP do not trust the dirt oomta the light is gonna kill you all ppprrrrfff ugh soomething is cooming.

Then blood cloud baton blam and sudden the exdoor hits the wall and charged blam the police blam a raid on baby prams down staircase shots at the speakers blam the system fizzles screams and screams to the ground the lights come on bleached everybody squints and blam to the floor a black woman blam a man the police a machine kicking more doors trousers pulled up down screams and hollow footsteps a shot a shot Charlotte tastes the floor Marlon’s brains across the mirror and why did this happen ppppprrrrfff sssssplot eyes flickering tongue a strobe the oracle shrinks and flushes away to fresher pipes, and all outside, the noise of the street hides the massacre from anybody who could bring justice, and thus, two more brass players bit the dust.